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by Charles Daeda
How to make $50 plus per day with NeoBux? Serious clickers wanted. Effortless income. Direct and rented referrals. Instant Payouts. Secure and stable web site.
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NeoBux secrets: Serious clickers wanted.
How to make $50 plus per day with NeoBux? Do not sign up if you have no serious intentions of clicking. The money making secret of NeoBux is summarized as follows:
1. The catch is you will not be making $50 per day off the bat. You will only be making a few cents as a start.
2. The name of the game is called patience.
3. With this method, you do not have to invest money to earn money. However, investing some money to start will speed up the results.
4. The key to making money on NeoBux is referrals. You need referrals to make money.
5. You can rent referrals directly from NeoBux. The referrals are real people which cost 30 cents a month each.
6. Some will be active and some will be inactive. You must recycle inactive members for active ones. You pay 8 cents for each recycle. Inactive referrals will cause you to lose money.
7. When your account balance reaches 75 cents by clicking on your own, you can purchase your first 3 referrals.
8. This is where most people go wrong with NeoBux.
9. The sum of 75 cents is not enough money to maintain rented referrals. Rented referrals are taken away when members run out of money to pay for them.
10. Before you rent referrals in groups of three, you should have a minimum of $3 account balance then transfer this sum to the rental balance.
11. You need a minimum of $1 per referral to maintain a good referral and to recycle inactive rented referrals.
12. As soon as you get your first three referrals, then turn auto pay on.
13. Auto pay is a method to get referrals to pay for themselves instead of you paying for them. It subtracts advertisements credits from a referral viewing ads to pay for the monthly cost of 30 cents for you to keep them as a referral. The referral will stay as yours as long as they are active without taking funds from your account balance.
14. Cashing out too early is another big problem for NeoBux users.
15. Do not cash out until you reach 2000 referrals.
16. You can upgrade your membership to Golden when your account balance reaches over a $100 with a minimum of 500 active referrals needed before upgrade.
17. A Golden membership will double the amount of referral earnings received by you.
18. Keep renting referrals and do not cash out till you reach 2000 referrals. Once you reach this point you can take out $50 per day.
19. This is a strategy worth trying for the serious clicker.

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Mustafa kemal Ates Advanced   webmaster
thanks for impressions.good informations...
Oct 6th 2010 09:35   
Plamen Getsov Junior   
Yes, I know about it ... but the path is quite long ....
Dec 30th 2010 18:39   
Zain Khan Junior   
I think there is no use of renting referrals.example
I have seen that referrals never click more than the price we purchase them.
If you have 2000 referrals(rented)for $0.25 mens you have already paid the company
2000*.25=$500. for a month(approx).if click average is 2 then you can get max of $40 perday.
This is possible only if the avg is 2. which does not happen in real life.Also if you keep autopay enabled it takes some amount daily.and also for 2000 referrals you need to pay upgrade fee.So indirectly the company pays you your money back
Jun 1st 2011 15:34   
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