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If you were to ask me what the most important thing to learn in all of Internet Marketing is, I would have to say Joint Ventures. Joint ventures are the absolute fastest way to make a lot of money...
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If you were to ask me what the most important thing to learn in all of Internet Marketing is, I would have to say 'Joint Ventures'. Joint ventures are the absolute fastest way to make a lot of money FAST. Everywhere you look you see Marketing Gurus Promoting each others products to their readers and getting a share of the profits. Often times a marketer with a good sized list can make a five or even six figure payday just by promoting someone else's offer. Have you ever dreamed of having a well known Guru promote one of your products? Can you imagine yourself rubbing shoulders with the Internet Marketing elite, and earning the kind of paydays that most entrepreneurs only dream about? Joint ventures are the key to making that dream come true. ************************** THERE'S JUST ONE PROBLEM ************************** Learning how to create successful Joint Ventures has always been hit and miss. You had to learn by trial and error, and it often took way too long to build up the kind of reputation that would have reputable marketers seeking you out to do business together. Until now! My colleague Michael Rasmussen has just released a brand new video course called Joint Ventures Exposed, and I believe this is just what you've been looking for. This course will walk you through the process of creating your very First Joint Venture from the ground up. He'll also teach you how to build up a solid reputation FAST, so you can become a highly sought after JV partner. If you've ever dreamed of being involved with those huge JV promotions with the Big Marketing Gurus, or if you just want to start building profitable relationships with other marketers, then you are going to love Michael's new course. And the best part? The course is Totally Free! If you're in a hurry, you can just check the videos out right now for free. Here's the URL: ***************** OVERALL QUALITY ***************** It's important to note that these are Online Videos that you access from your web browser. Michael uses Camtasia Studio to create these videos, which is the premier software program for creating screen capture tutorials such as these. The first thing I noticed when I hit the play button on the first video was the incredible production quality. These are NOT your ordinary screen capture videos. In fact, I don't think I've ever seen someone make videos that are this high quality before. He uses beautifully created graphics to pass his wisdom along to you, and the sound quality is the highest you will ever hear in an Internet marketing product. It sounds like he recorded these in a professional studio. Michael explained to me that he was sick and tired of seeing all the low quality videos out there, and so he set out to create something different in order to raise the bar in our industry. I think that, when you see Joint Ventures Exposed for yourself, you'll agree that he has succeeded. Now let's move onto: ******************* THE ACTUAL VIDEOS ******************* Here's a brief summary of each video. Obviously it's impossible to list every single point here, but I want you to get a feel for what each one covers, and how well it covers it. VIDEO 1 INTRODUCTION This videos introduces you to the entire course, as well as the teacher himself. You'll learn what you can expect from the course, and why it's structured the way it is. Michael realizes that you may not have heard of him, and so he spends some time establishing his credibility with you by sharing some of his biggest successes. It doesn't come across as bragging at all. Michael explains that, in order for you to get value from the teachings, you need to have faith that the teacher actually knows what he's talking about. By the end of this video, you will have no doubt. By the way, this is a good lesson for all of us product developers. If you want people to accept you as an authority on any subject, you first need to establish your credibility with the reader. That way he's willing to relax, and trust that what you're telling him is sound advice. VIDEO 2 - THE BASICS OF JOINT VENTURES In this video, Michael will give you a street smart education on what a joint venture actually is, and also... what it is not. There are a lot of misconceptions about joint ventures, and Michael does a good job of giving you the education you need while cutting out all the fluff. Even if you're a seasoned pro, you'll want to watch this video in order to get the foundational distinctions that Michael covers throughout the whole course. VIDEO 3 - THE VARIOUS TYPES OF JOINT VENTURES This will be a real eye opener for those who only understand the basics of joint ventures. Michael will reveal the four types of joint ventures he uses in his own business that makes him maximum money in minimum time. I have a hunch that you'll be surprised at just how many different types of joint ventures there are:

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