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microSD is a format for removable flash memory cards. SD is an abbreviation of Secure Digital. The cards are commonly used in cellular phones, as well as in some newer handheld GPS devices, portable media players, digital audio players, expandable USB flash memory drives, Nintendo DS flashcards, and digital cameras.
It is the smallest memory card available commercially; at 15 11 1 mm (about the size of a fingernail), it is less than one eight (1/8) the size of a standard-sized SD card.[1] There are adapters which allow a microSD card to be used in devices intended for standard SD, miniSD, Memory Stick Duo and even USB cards. However, they are not universally compatible. Many microSD cards sold online and in stores are packaged with a standard SD adapter to use the card in devices that take standard SD but not microSD cards. TransFlash and microSD cards are the same (each can be used in devices made for the other), except that microSD adds support for SDIO mode, enabling non-memory cards like Bluetooth, GPS, and Near Field Communication devices.[2]
A point of confusion can come from the difference in the microSD and the newer microSDHC format. The SD and SDHC share a similar form factor, but not all devices are compatible with the newer high-capacity format. This is even true with devices that have been developed by SanDisk such as their e200 series of MP3 players. Using 3rd party firmware, however, SDHC reading capabilities can sometimes be possible.[3]
Older TransFlash cards are available in 16MB and 32MB format. microSD cards are currently available in capacities from 64 MB to 2 GB, while microSDHC cards are currently available in capacities from 256MB to 32 GB. This is the largest microSD card yet, and the limit of the microSDHC technology as well. microSD cards with larger capacities will be in microSDXC format.
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