Mangosteen,the "Queen of fruits"

by Pocut naomi Husein VEMMA GOLD LEADER
Mangosteen has been used for centuries by Asian health practitioners for its nutritional benefits and delicious flavor.Each product is bioavailable (body-ready), delicious and easy to take!
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  • In fact, the number one cause of personal bankruptcy is AN ILLNESS.
  • The Mangosteen fruit contains potent antioxidants (within supernutrients called Xanthones) many times stronger than other fruit and vegetables.
  • Vemma Mangosteen juice, including the pulp and the rind of the fruit, contains more Xanthones than any other independently tested Mangosteen juice products.Xanthones have powerful anti-inflammatory
  • Therefore, an easy way to achieve high levels of antioxidants is to drink a whole fruit Mangosteen juice, with high levels of Mangostin Xanthones.
  • Daily consumption of the juice will provide you with the levels of Antioxidants required to prevent damage to your body's cells. When your body's cells are damaged, this can result in fatigue& illness
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Review on Mangosteen,the "Queen of fruits"

Mangosteen Juice (including the whole fruit and pericarp extract) has been the secret to a healthier body and sharper mental focus in eastern cultures for over 400 years (where life expectancy is an average of 5 years longer than in western cultures). Researchers from TUFTS University center for anti-aging say that people should eat 10 Servings of fruit and vegetables daily. This amount will provide you with the levels of Antioxidants required to prevent damage to your body's cells. When your body's cells are damaged, this can result in fatigue, illness
and accelerated aging.

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Cory Crabb Committed   Success Is Already Yours!!!!
seems to be useful thank you for sharing
Mar 17th 2011 14:39   
Rick Van Heijningen Freshman   Hotel & Restaurant image transformer
I love mangosteen, i bay in Thailand 1 kg
for about 1,25 for 1 kilo.
There only fresh in july and august.
The prices for Queen friuts are too much.
Mar 17th 2011 15:29   
Ken Tallman Senior   Pastor/Marketing Consultant
I have taken magostee
m based products. it did give energy, however not so with vema it actualy made me ill and more tired

Mar 17th 2011 15:35   
Edy Santoso Advanced   web designer
i like Queen fruit, is local fruit from indonesia, you can also buy fresh juice and also cheap one
Mar 17th 2011 21:38   
Pocut naomi Husein Innovator   VEMMA GOLD LEADER
Hi everyone,
Thanks for the comments about Vemma mangosteen juice.
@teamworkradio,have you read that mangosteen from Vemma main benefit is strengthening the body cells from free radicals?During the cleansing period there are some effects to the body.After one week consumption when the cleansing period is done,you will feel good and fit again.
Mar 18th 2011 11:00   
Janet Cua Advanced   Ms.
mangosteen juice is really delicious and it has lots of benefits.
i drink twice cup a day if im not feeling well like, if im having a fever or having a cold
Mar 18th 2011 17:05   
Ken Tallman Senior   Pastor/Marketing Consultant
@mims I was takeing the Vema for more then a week sorry to say it was lituraly makeing me ill It may work great for other folks but me not so much really not at all
Mar 19th 2011 07:54   
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