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by Margaret Mule
The mandate of Kooday is to turn into a world class Search Engine by embracing unique concepts. Its overtaking major Search Engines and its taking the internet by storm. Kooday is making it completely
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  • Kooday lets you buy and own keywords.
  • It has tools to search the best keywords
  • It has a referral program thus increasing ones earnings
  • Instant Page Ranker
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The mandate of Kooday is to turn into a world class Search Engine by embracing unique concepts. Its overtaking major Search Engines and its taking the internet by storm. Kooday is making it completely affordable for anyone to link their website to any search word. Unlike many search engines where people use bidding systems and pay-per-click fees to link their websites to certain keywords, Kooday allows you to buy and own a keyword. This means anyone who wants to link their websites to your keyword pays you a certain amount for it. You completely buy and own your keywords. In other words Kooday lets you own, control and profit from keywords in any language. The best part is kooday is working on Instant Page Ranker, that's so cool!!. At Kooday you can purchase keywords for as little as $0.10, and that's the only way to accumulate profit shares credits. These profit share credits are given when one purchases a keyword. These credits entitles you to a share of profits made in kooday. Apart from owning keywords, there are several other ways of profiting With kooday. Monies earned from adverts are shared among the members of kooday. anyone linking their websites to keywords owned by members also brings in profits that are shared too by the members. Like any other site kooday runs a referral program. If you refer people and they link their websites to keywords you earn a commission. Just refer and watch your account grow day by day. The more you refer the better. All payments are done to your alertpay and paypal accounts, payday in kooday comes early. Its simple, fast and instant.

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Yuan Liu Freshman  
Instant Page Ranker saves webmasters from having to do keyword research for advertising. Just fill in your url and let
Dec 9th 2010 12:29   
R. Weatherly Magnate II   Business Professional
Your offer looks good, but at the moment my plate is full
Dec 9th 2010 13:18   
Aurelio Martuscelli Senior   PRO Blogger & TE Owner
Eventually, I use the Kooday to display my links, but I feel very good that platform!
Dec 9th 2010 13:33   
Kenneth Johnson Advanced   
I absolutly love kooday and have a good selection of keywords!
Dec 9th 2010 13:48   
Margaret Mule Advanced   
Thank you Liu, Rumruner41 and surfdasestrelas for your comments, I appreciate and yes kooday is a great place to earn from adn more especially when you become diamond.
Dec 9th 2010 13:58   
Margaret Mule Advanced   
Thank you Ken for sharing here, kooday is a great place to be and as you have mentioned good selection of keywords takes one a step further.
Dec 9th 2010 14:01   
ssudec Advanced  
great site and thanks for information....
Dec 9th 2010 14:30   
Daniel R. BAERTLING | RAPYN solution Freshman   
Dec 9th 2010 15:11   
Guy Advanced   
It's very interesting search engine. I never get paid owning a keywords before, i'll join
Dec 9th 2010 15:35   
Tony Dy Senior   networker
They are very good information very good, thank you very much
Dec 9th 2010 16:30   
David L. Professional   Freelance web designer n blogger
Thanks for introducing this great site here. I think we need to purchase in order to earn well from here, right?
Dec 9th 2010 17:00   
Mary Grand Senior   SEO
Thank you to share that information with us !
Dec 9th 2010 19:05   
doomstalker Junior  
I will have to take a look at it
Dec 9th 2010 19:15   
Charles Aki Committed   Marketing and Internet Consultant
I have been hearing a lot about Kooday. How does it compare with Google?
Dec 9th 2010 20:31   
Vijaya Lakshmi Committed   Writer, Health Consultant
Whether kooday is still paying the same credits?
Dec 10th 2010 04:59   
Al Hamilton Advanced   Online Marketing
Have seen some negs about Kooday around here--but I continue to be satisfied w/ Kooday's progress, and particularly the open lines of communication. IPR is testing well, and relevant search is around the corner...Keep seeing people talk about the engine itself--well, it says right on the home page,that is the current task. They haven't made any claim otherwise....EVER.
Dec 10th 2010 07:46   
Lee Hardy Senior   Web Designer
A reliable source has disclosed that Kooday has not even touched the money generated thus far by members. As we all eagerly await the results of there algorithm we can find out a lot more from wednesdays conference call where the hard qustions will be asked.
Dec 12th 2010 14:18   
Margaret Mule Advanced   
@Guy F, thanks for visiting my page. You can join with this link Then let me know so I can give you a winning formula. We get paid every thursday.
Dec 13th 2010 07:14   
Margaret Mule Advanced   
@Lee thank you for the comment. Am on my way to Diamond and am already liking what am seeing. Kooday is great.
Dec 13th 2010 07:55   
Patrick Normandin Junior  
great share for Internet marketers!
Dec 14th 2010 06:19   
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