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Anyway who are KB Gold? They are a company in Germany that OWNS its very own goldmine (literally). Three years ago the rights to a goldmine in Istanbul, Turkey became available so KB Edelmetall bought
Recommended Features
  • Exchange of money to gold in small amounts from 100 Euros monthly
  • Purchased physical gold is always available and retrievable
  • TAXE FREE!!!
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Intro/KB Gold Overview

KB Gold has really been a drop of fresh air in the Network Marketing industry. Believe it or not, KB Gold is one of the only companies I have been excited about since the Numis Network. Kb Gold as you should be able to tell sells gold. They sell gold bullion in tiny quantities that anyone can afford. They are actually the biggest retailer of 1 gram gold bullion kine bars in the world. The economy sucks right now and the government is creating an illusion that everything is ok by injecting billions of dollars into the market place. Well the truth is that the dollar is dying. Its now a fiat currency which means it is no longer backed up by a commodity. This means the currency can be created in infinite amounts. No fiat currency can ever last because the financial system does not work. You could even call it a complete scam. It was all based on lies and its something you should learn about. Its funny how ninety percent of people have no idea what money is or how it came about. I am going off on sort of a rant here, but this information is highly important.

So what is KB Gold? Essentially, KB Gold is a 16 year old German company that owns a gold mine. They own everything, from sourcing, digging, gathering, refining and supplying the gold. KB does everything and there is no middle man. This means they can supply their gold at the best prices. Everyone wants gold, gold is money. Saving money in the bank each month is like burning it. You make a few percent interest every year when the value of the dollar has gone down even more. Its crazy and you have to protect your financial future. You can do this by investing in gold, gold is like another currency. Gold is and has always been a safe place to put your money. With the US dollar dying and the current economic crisis, things are likely to get worse, much worse. This means gold will go up in value so the timing is perfect. With KB Gold, you get to exchange your cash for gold every month. You can have them store it or you can have it sent to you in the mail each month. The best part is you can exchange your gold for cash at the best market prices whenever you want.
KB Gold Compensation Plan

KB Gold is very like every other Network Marketing company but has a few very unique differences. It has an extremely high paying compensation plan, a product that everyone wants and a company that is here to stay. KB Gold allows you to earn a part time of full time income at home while you buy little tiny bars of gold. Everyone knows about the continual rise of gold and everyone wants it. The product is like no other and the best part is they have the mine, the refinery and everything else. The opportunity allows you to start selling gold and making profits from customers throughout an infinite amount of levels. You earn anything from 2-5.5% residual income on your entire organizations gold sales. Just to paint a picture, you only need 100 people below you to make $60,000 extra every year. Its actually in euros so its more like $75,000. Dont criticize me on the numbers; I dont know the exact exchange rate. Having a team of 100 people is not that hard. Kb Gold have a system in place for their distributors to sponsor at least 1 new rep a week. So you sponsor 5 who sponsor 5 who sponsor 4-5 people each and youre making $75,000 a year in extra residual income. Whats really exciting about this compensation plan are the bonuses. You make anything from 100 Euros to 670 for every new customer you bring in. Its huge and it doesnt stop there.

There are several levels you advance through to get to 670 euros a customer. When youre at the final elite gold director level, you earn 670 euros per customer. When your new rep sponsors his first rep, he makes 100 euros and you make the different which is 570 euros. The potential is huge and I really hope I am 100% correct on everything I have said here. I have been studying the company for days now and am weighing up the options before I join. So you make the differences on new customers and also residual income. So if someone you sponsored is making 2% residual on his team, you will make the difference of 3.5%. If you do the math, you can be making a couple hundred thousand dollars a year if you promote this opportunity right. Of course, most people wont make that much but this opportunity has the potential to make even more. There are 5 ways of getting paid, residual income, cab bonuses and 3 global pools. The cab bonuses are upfront money for every time you or your team member sponsors a new rep. The residual is a monthly payment based on the volume of monthly gold sales your team has. Finally, the global pools. The global pools are really for the leaders who take massive action. You earn shares in the global pools as your teams monthly gold volume grows. Part of the companies profits are put into these pools as an incentive for reps to take massive action. The rewards are huge and the timing couldnt be better.
KB Gold & Gold Truth

So what is real money? Real money is gold! Gold was always and has always been true money. Paper currency actually came into play as gold notes. They would have pieces of paper which would represent a certain amount of gold. Rich people would hand their gold over to the bank so they could store it. In return they would be given gold notes which had a value in gold. The idea behind it was just that it was easier to carry around these paper notes than actual gold. I am going to stop here as there is a lot to say about the financial system and I could go on for a while. The point is that gold is the only real money in this world and leaving your money in the bank is not a good option. You should only ever leave enough money in your bank account to live and have a nice lifestyle. The rest of your money should be put into something more stable that goes up in value. Something like gold! Gold has always gone up in value and has more than tripled in price over the last ten years. Many financial leaders like Robert Kiyosaki, Mike Maloney and Peter Schiff all say gold is going up in value. They all are considered gurus in the financial industry and they all think gold is going up.
KB Gold Cards

KB Gold Cards: 0,5 gram and 1 gram of 999.9 gold bullion are accepted, as a currency, in over 7000 shops, cafes and restaurants in Germany. People are paying for their goods and services with the KB Gold Card. The actual gold bullion is placed into the cards and they look like credit cards. The gold is becoming like a currency and now is the time to start buying.

Ok, I pulled this info off another website so its only fair to tell you that:

Advantages of the KB Gold Plan:

Exchange of money to gold in small amounts from 100 Euros monthly
Purchased physical gold is always available and retrievable
Tax free (!)
No transaction costs (!)
Update monthly purchasing amount is allowed
You can interrupt or stop whenever you want to
Your exchange is always for the best market price
Purchase the smallest units: 0.5 grams, 1.0 grams
Delivery to your home is free over 3000 Euros (only Europe)
Everyone deserves to own gold!

With KB Gold, you have the opportunity to start collecting gold and securing your financial future. KB Gold is going to be huge and the company have some big plans. They are going global! They even just brought more land for mining. The opportunity is excellent, there are 5 ways to earn and the timing could never be better. The company is 16 years old and have a clear vision of where they are heading. The compensation plan allows you to make upfront money and long term residual income. Not to mention the huge global bonus pools for the leaders. Ontop of that, the product is gold. I mean, gold just tops any other Network Marketing product. At the end of the day, youre going to spending like $100 a month on some product. Wouldnt you rather it be something that is going up in value like gold than some fruit juice or vitamins. Its a no brainer and to me, this opportunity beats almost every other. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. The opportunity is completely free! You have no obligation whatsoever to put any money into gold. Although I would advise it! Thanks for reading this KB Gold review and feel

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