How to Get Site Traffic

by Nirav Soni SEO
Because of their intelligence, and network statistics can be as confusing at first. As a business owner,
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Because of their intelligence, and network statistics can be as confusing at first. As a business owner, when it comes to advertising, it is important to know web site stats. This distinction between unique visitors and some basic information about visitors, page view, and hit.
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Advertisers and advertising

Advertising is an important and necessary way to get new and even see the establishment of the enterprise. Possible to determine who advertise and change. When the provision of advertising time, or to buy ad space from the others is concerned, it is important to know the two parties unique visitors, visitors and page views a specific amount of time (which is usually displayed in a few months, but the day is important consideration in some cases). This gives both companies an idea whether it is worthwhile to pay or charge for advertising on the site. Note the site the following statistics:

Unique visitors

A unique visitor is done in at least one page site was hit in a period of a unique IP address. During this period, if the visitor to do more than one visit, only one counted as a unique visit.

* Basically, if I visited your site today, 1 sub, I counted as a unique visitor. If I still come back to your site 10 times, and my visit is counted as 1 visit and 10 unique visitors.

(For more search this: Definition: unique visitors)


Visitors are also known as a meeting or user sessions. It is a site visit at one time the total number. Unlike unique visitors is a net figure is the total number of visitors. This means that two "meeting" by a single user is counted as two visitors.

* Basically, if I visited your site today, 5 times, I counted as one unique visitors and day 5 visitors.

(For more search this: Definition: Guest)

Page view

WEB host a special page from the server to the user request and published the number of times the browser. The number of page views across an entire site to be provided can be used to display Web site to accept traffic.

* Basically, this tells you how many pages from your visitors watch.

(For more search here: the definition of the age view)


This is the html pages, jpeg's, gif's and other images of a browser usually means a network server from all requests, including requests. Hit is the phrase often thrown around, but usually not very meaningful in quantitfying search engine traffic.

* Hits count loaded everything on your page. It is not worth anything, a precise measure.

(For more search this: Definition: hit)

Advertising provided by the site owner

If you are the site owner and would like to advertise to other providers, is thoughtful. Traffic might be a relative thing; that if you have a site or traffic congestion will not pay to advertise.

When this information applies to your site stats, you can also put this into general use with the newsletter. If you have only 10 newsletter subscribers, you probably should not be charged for advertising time. On the other hand, you may be able to receive tips, if your subscriber list is a few hundred and accordingly, your subscriber list growth.

Business owners looking to advertise

If you are considering another site, your hard-earned money to pay for advertising, is informed. If a specific site does not volunteer information about their stat, do not be shy about the requirements. You work hard for your money, and you should have a good idea of what you get. You probably do not want to pay one month advertising, when advertising the website when you only get 40 visitors per day. Will advertise the same newsletter said. If in their newsletter ad space provide a list of them do not provide the number of subscribers, asking for trouble. Then, if the cost is worth it, for you to decide.

Release traffic statistics program

If you do not arrange transport statistics show your site and you want one, do a search as follows: the release of Traffic Stats. You will find several options. Once you sign for the programs you typically only need to increase your site a bit it started coding. However, before you choose a program in another, it something to consider:

If you have a website transaction, the counter do not look very professional. If you consider the stat programs require you to use your site in a visible counter, choose to continue watc

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