Hot Prelaunch Take Your Seats

by Mario Djivanovic marketer
AdSitesGoneWild product line proves to be a "force to be reckoned with" offering multiple effective advertising products at a low one time cost to its members.
Recommended Features
  • Earn $35 and $200 To your AlertPay account over and over again.
  • Earn from all 8 Advertising Programs Over and Over again
  • $200 matching bonus on everyone you personally enroll who cycles the Tier 4 1x2.
  • $5 fast start bonus for everyone you personally enroll who upgrades for $35. New Purchases and account balance purchases (Not reentries.)
  • TrueTeamBuild Fills left to right solid no gaps. No recruiting or sponsoring required but see why you will!!
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Review on Hot Prelaunch Take Your Seats

NO OUT OF POCKET AFTER 1st Level cycle!!

One Time $39.95 Per Advertising Purchase

There will be $5 FAST START Referral Bonuses on all new advertising purchases from AlertPay or Account Balances.

There will be on completion of 4th Level a $200 matching enroller bonus.

You will be entered into the 1st Level Phase which is a forced 2x2 upon completion of this level you will have received back your initial purchase cost $35 into your available balance to withdraw to your AlertPay account or to be used for additional purchases.

You will also have your entry paid into 2nd Level Phase which is a quick filling 1x2

Upon completion of 2nd Level Phase you will receive a paid posiiton in the advertising program KlickBuck and a reentry into the 1st Level Phase $35. You will also have your entry paid into the 3rd Level Phase which is a 2x2.

Upon completion of the 3rd Level Phase you will receive a paid position into the advertising program DegreeOfThree.. also a position in the advertising program ROBO Money Machine. And 1 reentry into 1st Level Phase. You will also have your entry paid into 4th Level and Final Phase which is a fast moving 1x2.

Upon Completion of the 4th level Phase you will receive $200 to your account balance and your enroller will also receive $200. You will also be entered into the advertising program 4DShares. And entered into the Bridge2Silver program from that program you will receive silver coins.

1st Level 2x2 $35 entry into Level 2

2nd Level 1x2 Reentry into Level 1 and an advertising positon in KlickBuck and entry into Level 3

3rd Level 2x2 1 Reentries into Level 1 and advertising positions in Degree Of Three and ROBO Money Machine and entry into Level 4.

4th Level 1x2 $200 to your account balance Matching bonus of $200 to enroller. And a position into 4DShares. Also a position into the exciting program Bridge2Silver. When you are entered into BridgetoSilver upon entry you receive a silver coin just for joining. And here is the exciting part for anyone you refer to AdSitesGoneWild and they cycle Level 4 of AdSitesGoneWild they are your personal in Bridge2Silver also so ANYONE you refer to BridgeToSilver you receive an additional Silver coin for each and everyone you refer.

Example You refer Joe to AdSitesGoneWild Joe purchases 1 AdSitesGoneWild position that cycles Level 4 in ASGW he gets $200 and you get $200... he gets a silver coin for joining Bridge2Silver you get a silver coin for referring him to Bridge2Silver. Joe has earned 2 reentries into AdSitesGoneWild by the time he makes it through Level 4 so YOU will receive 2 more coins when Joes reentries cycles into Bridge2Silver..And 2 more $200 matching bonuses from ASGW.Sponsorship protocol will be followed. You also receive another coin each time you cycle the 2x2 at Bridge2Silver.

So Lets Recap:

Level One: Earn $35

Level Two: Start Earning From KlickBuck and a fast reentry back into Level One

Level Three:Start earning from DegreeOfThree/NGC/10Dollaradz..Start Earning from RoboMoneyMachine and another fast reentry into Level One.

Level Four: The Wildest and Craziest thing I have ever seen!!!!!! $200 earnings to you and your enroller. Silver coins over and over again to you and your enroller. Start earning in 4DShares. You will be entered into SuccessQuik advertising program through Bridge2Silver to earn from their compensation plan and tons of advertising. (Please see Bridge2Silver site for info) And a bonus from Sokule. All for a one time $39.95.

Tonight at 21:00 pm at New York time is prelaunch

See you there and GOOD LUCK!!!

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