Greensmoke, Less Waste

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Embrace the new millennium with Green Smoke's high-qualityelectronic cigarettes and disposable cartridges. Indulge your smoking desire without the lingering ash and endless cigarette butts.
Recommended Features
  • Green Smoke enables you to enjoy the smoking sensation without the lingering cigarette breathe. It does not emit the offensive odors commonly found in cigarette smoke.
  • One Green Smoke electric cigarette cartridge costs just $3 and is comparable to a pack of traditional cigarettes.
  • When you Green Smoke, you can smoke in many no smoking zones like many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bus stations and airports.
  • Smoke at your will, without complaints from onlookers.
  • Fresh atomizer in every cartridge
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Review on Greensmoke, Less Waste

I wanted to take just a moment to share with you a revolutionary new product called Green Smoke.

Green Smoke is an electronic cigarette that looks and functions much like a tobacco cigarette with a few exceptions: it contains no ash, tar, or carbon monoxidethat smokers are heavily exposed to with tobacco cigarettes. Instead of a traditional tobacco cigarette, with GreenSmoke, the nicotine is vaporized into steam by an atomizer which allows the user to inhale a vapor that looks and feels just like smoke. Its easy to use and maintain so your smoking experience is greener and cleaner than tobacco. And, if thats not good enough, theres no odor so your hair, clothes and hands wont smell, and you wont disrupt the people around you. You also save 60% more money when compared with tobacco cigarettes! With Green Smoke, you can get the most realistic smoking experience in a cheaper, easier and cleaner way than with tobacco cigarettes.

How is this possible?

Green Smoke's patented 2 part technology includes a lithium-ion battery, a microchip controller and an LED light at the tip. This part of the e-cigarette looks much like the paper and tobacco part of the cigarette. The light at the tip mimics the "lit end" of the cigarette and will "light up" when the e-cigarette is puffed on. The "filter" part of the electronic cigarette is easily screwed onto the battery and contains the liquid nicotine solution with a built-in atomizer that vaporizes the liquid nicotine into a water vapor that looks and feels just like real smoke when inhaled and exhaled. We've even designed the filter part of the e-cig to look just like the filter on a tobacco cigarette.

The benefits of this new technology enable smokers to still receive the nicotine in a manner that the smoker is accustomed to, but with descending levels of nicotine, from 16mg all the way down to 0mg. We even offer a variety of flavors including Tobacco, Tobacco Marl, Menthol, Chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Apple and Strawberry. The genius of this new product lies in the fact that smokers can address the hand and oral part of the addiction while lowering their nicotine level, if they so choose.

If you are a smoker or have someone you care about that smokes, we invite you to visit our site to watch an amazing video demonstration of Green Smoke being introduced to people at a club in Miami Beach. The reactions are priceless and really show just how amazing this product really is.

It's Your Life. It's Your Choice. It's Your GreenSmoke.

Have a wonderful smoke-free day!

Carlos Clemente
Green Smoke, Inc.

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