FREE residual 3 levels via blogging

by Norbert Sczepanski Physician rtd.
IBS = instant blog subscribers. Make FREE residual 3 levels deep via blogging. Must have 4 non-bloggers = blog newbies AND bloggers + get wow tools to boost YOUR biz FREE
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FREE residual income = 3 levels = IBS = must have Finally profit a lot from blogging with IBS = instant blog subscribers. Get FREE residual each + every month from IBS - get YOUR blog SEEN - guaranteed! How? - Keep on reading..... How exactly does the instant subscribers WORK? Instant Blog Subscribers is UNIQUE online and delivers something never before seen. One of the strongest reasons that Blogs have taken off online is that people can build a presence, a following - a ready made Niche of followers that are eager to hear your latest updates, read teh recommendations that you make and catch up with what you have to say... The trouble has always been however - that although anyone can setup a BLOG, either using their own domain or sites such as Blogger or Wordpress, the challenge has always been get people to KNOW about your posts and actually VISIT your pages. Most blogs (over 90%) sit out in cyberspace never gaining more than 10 or so readers At Instant Blog Subscribers - you join a community of like minded individuals. A ready made subscriber list that will receive your updates, as you will receive theirs. The Instant Blog Subscribers are made up of the members of the site who are randomly chosen to receive the updates that you post. Upgraded members - get instant access to MORE subscribers. Free members can add 3 of their own programs Gold members can add up to 5 Elite member can add 10 of their own programs Founding Members can add an unlimited number of their own programs _ sidenots What you get: free viral traffic, leads, advertising, promoting, marketing, money, residual income, resources, downlinebuilder, blog, blogging referralbuilder, affiliatebuilder - end of sidenote - Members of the site receive a personalized email that outlines YOUR NAME or the name of the person who made the post, and the title of the blog. So - this is no different to most subscribers, who then have to click through to your blog. BUT - We aimed to make it irrisistable for the person reading your update, by offering them something of huge value - JUST FOR CLICKING through to your latest update. WE OFFER THEM.... MORE READERS ON THEIR NEXT POST They will see this on the base of the email they receive.... And the best part about that - is the people that are driven to your blog using the IBS credit system, can click to become FULL TIME Subscribers to your blog. On the top right hand corner of every single blog at IBS are two subscribe options. A visitor to your blog, can quickly and easily become a permanent subscriber by choosing to either receive email updates from your blog (which is Double Opt In) or subscribing to your RSS feed. -(most commonly expanded as "Really Simple Syndication") RSS is an option that allows you to populate your content on other sites, like SQUIDOO or others and people can receive RSS feeds into their Microsoft outlook system, or any number of other means. How does this benefit you?? Well... What that means is - you can steadily gain your own list of PERSONAL subscribers, who are eager to hear what you have to say, and will be alerted each time you make a post to your IBS blog. PLUS - we continue to give you INSTANT SUBSCRIBERS... who can also subscribe permanently to your blog.... and you can grow your numbers quite quickly. THE OTHER quick thing about subscribers.. is that IBS encourages you to use your blog as a BASIS for everything you do online and to share your blog with the world. Advertise it FAR AND WIDE so, people from EVERYWHERE can view your blog post... .And can become PERMANENT SUBSCRIBERS and your list, and circle of influence can continue to grow without limits. WOW...... take a moment and think about the long term benefits of a HOT list of subscribers... continually growing.... That are SUPER keen to hear what you have to say. I am sure you can see - the long term value of that is staggering. Your blog is also coded with your special Affiliate link - so if anyone.... from ANYWHERE... clicks on the Header of your blog - where it says CLICK HERE to get your own Instant Blog Subscribers...When they do... they join IBS under your downline. That means, if they upgrade to one of our Premium levels - YOU earn commission. And EVEN BETTER THAN THAT... If they in turn setup their blog - and someone READS THEIR BLOG... and joins.. and upgrades.... YOU EARN COMMISSIONS THERE TOO! that is the most incredible passive earning system that only IBS can provide. You set up a blog. Advertise it everywhere.... Some one - lets say an AVID BLOGGER WITH TONS OF FOLLOWERS.... reads your blog, sets up their own and Their followers join and upgrade... You are earning passive commissions from people you have never met! That is a HOT reason to get your blogs out there and get as much exposure as you possibly can... Right? Get to it! And for UNREAL tools... see within

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