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As someone who has both lived the life of a young entrepreneur and strives to encourage the worlds youth to forge their own entrepreneurial pathnot only to success, but also to the point of making a profound difference in the world around themI found The YES Movie to be an important tool for upcoming generations. I really enjoyed the movie from start to finish. I feel it already has and will continue to empower thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs, as well as even motivate the more seasoned entrepreneurs.

Louis Lautmans Young Entrepreneur Society and The YES Movie project resonate with me and my experiences. My brother and I created to foster the burgeoning ideas of young entrepreneurs, and recently published Kidpreneurs, a book on entrepreneurship written specifically for children. My brother and I have been starting up, buying, improving, and selling businesses since childhood, and this movie sheds light on some of the common misconceptions about life and success that I have discovered along the way, but which many people discover too late or never discover at all. Hard work is key to getting places in life, but it needs to be directed toward a goal and by creativity and perseverance. Lautmans film does more than address these issuesit demonstrates time and again through a number of prime examples how life can be more than a seemingly mandatory round of education followed by a paltry 9-to-5 and a threadbare, late-life retirement. It also reflects upon one of Americas prominent and too-oft-forgotten foundations: capitalism. Capitalism in the purest form, and where money is not the sole source of or measure for profit. That entrepreneurship takes a blend of personal and professional effort and way of of life is evident in the lives of the featured brilliant young successes.

In the spirit of other projects it aligns itself with, such as The Secret and What the Bleep, it is a thought-provoking yet entertaining look at the world of business, which is far from the boring or, particularly in present times, greedy machine it is sometimes called. Furthermore, the film focuses on rebel entrepreneurs on the front lines of a variety of industries, from retailers and advertisers to authors and designers. Men and women pursuing advancements in a number of exciting fields spill their secrets to success, show that the possibilities are endless, and prove that the youth can be far from ignorant and should be taken seriously.

Ambition is a key ingredient to the advancement of society and is present in each and every person. Suppressed for too long, it can begin to fade. It shouldnt. The YES Movie showcases the ways in which ambition can be channeled into positive, creative works while making real, hardworking young minds millions along the way. The more than thirty actual young millionaire entrepreneurs Lautman assembled along his cross-country trip divulge unprecedented and priceless details on their ventures, and will inspire others to follow in their footstepsor, rather, to start making some footprints of their own.

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