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by Genome
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Review on Facebook likes

This service is Awesome, They believe in 100% customers satisfaction and also 100% money Back Guarantee if the customer is not fully satisfied. They are able to deliver 500 likes in a single day, and also only those fans are selected for your page you are really interested in it, so no Spamming at all. Build your facebook empire with Facelika.

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Dileep R D Innovator  Embedded Engineer
Hi, Get Real Facebook fans and promote your products
Aug 2nd 2011 09:06   
Udo Hoffmann Magnate I   Erudite polymath
Interesting concept... but how does a "like" generate business?
Aug 2nd 2011 10:29   
Genome Senior   
@udo Hoffman,, Suppose you have a Fan Page with 1000 fans, now when you post you product link on your page wall, it will be promoted to 1000 people, now you can imagine if 100 people out of 1000 click on your link, how much you can generate using any affiliate service and also your own product. considering my case, I promoted my Apsense invitation link to just 100 people, out of which 30 joined apsense, so it is a kind of great marketing platform....
Aug 2nd 2011 10:51   
Paul Williams Innovator   
Isn't it against Facebook's TOS to sell likes?
Aug 2nd 2011 11:15   
Genome Senior   
@paul, it is a service to promote your product at an affordable price, consider facebook offers you 1 like for $0.50 and our service offers 100 likes for $1, so what would you prefer. Today we need to promote our services effectively and at an affordable price, Hope you would agree my dear friend...
Aug 2nd 2011 11:20   
Paul Williams Innovator   
@Tauheed - I agree that we need to promote effectively and at affordable prices. We also need to ensure that we don't break the TOS of the sites that we use and I am sure that selling/buying likes is against Facebook's TOS. It would be a terrible waste of money if someone bought a load of "likes" only for Facebook to then delete the page for violating their TOS.
Aug 2nd 2011 11:27   
Genome Senior   
@paul.. i do agree with you, but our service guarantee you that your page will never be deleted by facebook by using our service and if such a case arise, we will issue a 100% refund. We are delivering likes using a system called Listing, in which your page is promoted to a definite set of people selected on the basis of the facebook fan page subject (theme), so that liking becomes effective and efficient, we use the same system that Facebook using to deliver the ordered number of likes, the only difference is that we offer affordable price. so we do not force people to like your page, if they are interested in your subject, they will like you. so in this case we are not violating any facebook TOS. We have a hold of over 4 million Facebook users, so we would be happy at your service.....
Aug 2nd 2011 11:35   
Paul Williams Innovator   
@Tauheed - I'll have to take your word for that. I certainly wouldn't risk it personally but there again that's just me. I run a social network that is quite small at the moment but is rapidly growing - perhaps you would consider working on something similar for my social network? I'm looking to develop strategic alliances to help people generate revenue whilst at the same time getting MatesGate to grow!
Aug 2nd 2011 11:41   
Genome Senior   
@paul, I will have a look as if i come up with something beneficial for both of us, i will let you know.
Aug 2nd 2011 20:39   
Paul Williams Innovator   
@Tauheed - ok, if you want to check out MatesGate then the site is at and it doesn't have to be beneficial to me (I don't take anything from the site but I run it to help others make money). It would need to be beneficial to you obviously and to the members either individually or as a whole. Many thanks.
Aug 3rd 2011 06:57   
Laura Newton Committed  The Water Filter Lady
These guys are scammers! Dont buy any likes from them. They ONLY TAKE your MOney and do not deliver the service. read this:
Nov 26th 2011 14:01   
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