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How does Mandura Trim work and Why is it so Easy? In 1994, a messaging hormone, Leptin, was discovered as the body's regulator of fat storage. A sort of "on/off" switch for fat cells.
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  • Reduced leptin levels by 42%
  • Lost 1.2 inches off each thigh
  • Lost 3.28 inches off their hips
  • Lost 3.96 inches off their waist
  • Lost 21.5 pounds of body fat in 8 weeks
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Scientists have discovered that in order to lose weight, controlling Leptin levels is essential.
Allowing the brain to receive the message to "burn fat" from the body's fat cells which in turn
affects the metabolic rate.

'Leptin' is a hormone that was discovered around 1994 and it is now known that it is the master hormone
controlling virtually every other body function. It has the ability to perform multi tasks such as: control
appetite, burn calories and perform other crucial physiological activities - thyroid function, immunity,
heart health, mental capacity, inflammation, stress and reproduction.

Researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have identified the mode in
which Leptin carries out its functions. The study results are published in the journal of Cell Metabolism.

Leptin is an example of a 16 kDa (kilo Dalton ) protein hormone that is produced in the fat cells of the body.
The role of leptin has to do with the regulation of body weight by interaction with the hypothalamus. Here
are some examples of how leptin works within the system, and why the hormone is so important to our
physical health. Fat cells release Leptin into the bloodstream, the hypothalamus in the brain reads' the
amount of circulating Leptin and uses this information to regulate appetite, metabolism and other
processes (insulin activities in the obese)
In study after study, researchers have seen significant lower leptin levels result in - weight loss, fat loss
and overall improved health. Leptin levels are related to a number of things, including insulin, caloric
intake, and your current level of body fat.
It may be regarded as one of the big fat-loss decision makers. By mastering Leptin hormone in the body
we can master body weight.

Named after leptos, the Greek term for "thin," Leptin is a hormone released by fat cells. Although it has a
number of functions, one of leptin's main roles is to let the brain know how fat you are. Leptin controls
metabolism. Leptin is produced by fat tissue and is secreted into the bloodstream where it travels to the
brain and other tissues. Leptin causes fat loss and decreased appetite. It also plays a very important role
in calorie intake and calorie burning.

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Mandura expands to Europe and Australia. Mandura Trim is here! Mandura Trim controls the levels of Leptin in your body to support weight loss. Mandura Trim is an all natural capsule, does not contain

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