Do you need a new Payment Processor

by Warren Day
Alertpay is a well known payment processor that you can use to send/receive money and also make money through referrals
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  • Send money and purchase online
  • receive money from others via credit card
  • receive money from other Alertpay users
  • Make money by referring others to Alertpay
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Review on Do you need a new Payment Processor

I'm hearing and seeing a lot of chatter about but I would suggest sticking with a more well known processor such as Alertpay. Alertpay is well known and well accepted with a real business model and not a copycat of an established processor (checkout if you want to know more).

P.S. has just announced peer to peer transactions so anyone sold on should feel free to contact me if they are interested in trading dollars for real dollars via Alertpay or PayPal (I'll accept 1 real dollar for every 2 dollars I send you OBO)

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Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Trying something new when it comes to payment processors may be asking for trouble. I like AlertPay, as well as Solid Trust Pay.
BUT... SafePay Solutions still owes me and many other people a whole lot of money.

One of the Companies I do business with was cheated out of over $10,000 from them. We are all still waiting for our money.
I posted to my blog about this horrible company, SafePay Solutions. I received comments from all over the world.

The guy who was cheated out of the 10 grand had to come up with the cash to pay the people in his group rather than closing up shop. How many companies would be in a position to be able to do that?

So choosing a GOOD reliable Payment processor is very important
Going BUST causes a ripple effect.

Sep 28th 2010 15:47   
Warren Day Senior   
Thanks for the comments Cindy. I have over $400 with and all I have done is signup two people, that seems too good to be true and if I can't get that money it will do me no good (Thank God it's not 10K I worked for). I found out from a Blog here at Apsense that there is a from France and the fact the name is so close also worries me
Sep 28th 2010 15:59   
Kenneth Johnson Advanced   
Tghank you for the helpful info, i will checkout paybox.
Sep 28th 2010 16:17   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
Let me get this straight...
According to Paybox You have $400.00 with them and all you did was signup 2 people
Did you put up any money to GET $400.00?
Just trying to get the flow here... you know.
What do you have to do to get YOUR $400.00 OUT and into YOUR hands?

Sep 28th 2010 16:22   
Robert A. Freshman   E-Business Consultant
I joined paybox as well and have referred two people. Have earned over $300. At the moment paybox has allows users transfer money amongst themselves. According to their blog users will be able to withdraw money by the end of next year.
Sep 28th 2010 17:10   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
@Rob62 next year... meaning 2011?
Sep 28th 2010 17:25   
Warren Day Senior   
Hi Cindy,
I have put no money in, I just gave Paybox my email address, sent a few emails to get the 2 signups (who also paid nothing), login a few times, do a couple of surveys and boom $400 paybox dollars. I have heard of people being more active and getting over $1000 PAYBOX dollars. This why I'm willing to transfer my $400 to another user and taking far less real dollars in return rather than having a $10,000 balance in 2011 (remind you of anyone?)
Sep 28th 2010 17:45   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
dont think I will be wasting my time there
Sep 28th 2010 18:39   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
what a hoot!!!
I can't imagine anyone falling for this one
@ Mick I am with you

Sep 28th 2010 18:43   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
BIG difference... in this and SafePay Solutions
That $10,000 I mentioned was REAL money not play or pretend money.

Still waiting for my real money.
Lesson learned for me.
Sep 28th 2010 18:49   
Sue Tamani Committed  Easy Steps to Success Franchise
oh well, we all know we can get magic money online LOL
Sep 28th 2010 18:59   
Sue Tamani Committed  Easy Steps to Success Franchise
friend of mine reckons she's up for $1,600,000 from Kooday !!!!! I daren't ask where it's coming from.
Sep 28th 2010 19:01   
Mick R. Professional   Webmaster & Entrepreneur
Ye that must have been a sore one Cindy, Im sorry hear that, I stay clear of the Micky mouse stuff 400 bucks for inviting two folks to a free site and little work lol
Sep 28th 2010 19:02   
Warren Day Senior   
@sue yeah, that Kooday is another one, they want you to assume everyone will use their search engine and they don't even have an engine yet. What good are keywords that no one will ever use? People can assign any value they like to something but value will be revealed when they try to cash out
Sep 28th 2010 19:41   
Brenda Orr Senior   
I have invited over 10 people to and they joined. But i only show (1) person as invited.
The money is shown there, I did one survey, not even a big one, joined their blog and just dropped in to see if the site updated to show all of my invitees. No one else is shown, but the $$ continues to increase. Not a rapid pace (so to appear real) but, what the heck. I haven't put in a dime. But I view it as a game. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Sep 28th 2010 20:54   
Warren Day Senior   
I think I know what you mean and if I can trade my paybox money for real dollars (at a discount) I'll do it but I don't want to promote it as I think it will go bust, most likely sooner than later.
Sep 28th 2010 22:06   
Warren Day Senior   
Just thought I should remind everyone that this Revpage is about Alertpay Good not Paybox Bad, LOL my own stupid fault for using negative comparisons
Sep 28th 2010 22:09   
Harold Baughman Professional   
I've made a note on Alertpay being "GOOD".....Thanks affiliatemoney.

Again, thanks for your "HEADS-UP" Cindy.....

Sep 28th 2010 23:12   
Cindy Bolley Magnate II Premium   HHCTB?
affiliatemoney I READ it!!
I know it is about AlertPay

I actually like the feed back your getting about about Paybox.
I think it is good that people are being shown what it is.

Sep 29th 2010 04:57   
Warren Day Senior   
No worries Cindy,

I actually think your appearance made the whole page.
You have high HP, said you like Alertpay, recommended another processor and gave a good example of why a processor is not where you want to have problems (not that you want them elsewhere)
Sep 29th 2010 05:08   
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