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Colon Cleansing, Comfortable Digestion, Healthy Weight Loss Support and More in One Simple Capsule, If you're aching to enjoy eating again without dreading occasional feelings of gas and bloating. . .
Recommended Features
  • Helps support weight loss the healthy way
  • Smoothes digestion with soothing herbs and enzymes that take a load off your body
  • Makes digestion efficient by eliminating gas and bloating
  • Supports your body's internal toxin removal system so you can clean out cell by cell
  • Keeps your liver responsible for fat metabolism and toxin removal working steadily without a hitch
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Colon Cleansing, Comfortable Digestion, Healthy Weight Loss Support and More in One Simple Capsule

If you're aching to enjoy eating again without dreading occasional feelings of gas and bloating. . . If you hate embarrassing gas and occasional irregularity. . . If you're craving more energy . . .If you're struggling to lose weight . . . You can get it all in this one carefully formulated capsule.
By supporting your digestive system in multiple ways, Intestinal Cleansing & Healthy Weight Loss Support gives you . . .

Comfortable digestion without gas or occasional constipation;
Energy that keeps you going all day;
Healthy skin tone thanks to the improved efficiency of your toxin-removal system;
Sound sleep you're not the only one who has a hard time sleeping because of digestive troubles millions of people suffer from this!
With a careful blend of 12 natural ingredients, it gives your gut everything it needs to work at its best. So you can feel your best . . . And look your best.

How 12 Colon-Cleansing and Digestive Support Nutrients Can Make You Feel Like A Million Bucks

First, Bell Lifestyle Intestinal Cleansing & Healthy Weight Support helps your body remove toxins. Like trash piling up in the street, toxins slow down your whole body. Nutrients like beetroot, okra, burdock, prickly pear, java tea and dandelion help your toxin removal systems do their job more efficiently and thoroughly.

Beetroot seems to work in two ways to help you get rid of toxins:

First it helps with your body's two-step toxin removal process. This process requires two enzyme-activated steps. If both enzymatic phases of toxin removal aren't done, the toxins don't leave. In fact they can become even more reactive and dangerous. Beetroot has been shown to support phase II enzymes. This makes sure the second half of the toxin removal job is completed and your body can safely move the toxin out. But beetroot doesn't stop there . .

Beetroot and Okra Give You Bile Acid-Binding Power for Toxin Removal

Bile acids are special digestive juices produced by the liver. They help metabolize fats. And they bind with certain toxins and carry them out of the body through the colon.
As researchers explain in a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) published study, the ability to bind with bile acids is a very good predictor of how well a nutrient can help you remove toxins from the body. According to this study, beetroot is second only to okra, another Intestinal Cleansing & Healthy Weight Support ingredient, in its ability to bind with bile acids. When beetroot and okra bind with bile acids they keep these molecules moving through the digestive tract so they can be eliminated.
As an additional bonus here, bile acids are made with cholesterol. Beetroot and okra bind with bile acids and shepherd them out of the body, they shepherd the cholesterol in bile acids out as well.

Burdock Root Purifies the Blood and Neutralizes Free Radicals

In addition to the toxin-removal services of beetroot and okra, this special formulation also includes burdock root. For hundreds of years, burdock root has been a staple in the kitchen as well as the herbal lore of China, North America and Europe. It's used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to "purify the blood" and maintain healthy blood circulation.
While the research on burdock root is in its infant stages, already scientists are seeing its potential. It has been shown to have potent antioxidant properties.
But that's not all burdock does to keep toxins moving out of your body . . .

Special Liver Support from Burdock, Prickly Pear, Java Tea and Dandelion Root

Your liver is one of the key organs for processing toxins. And it is also the organ responsible for fat metabolism. When your liver works well, you get rid of toxins.
Burdock root is one of several ingredients in Intestinal Cleanse & Healthy Weight Support that aids the health of your liver. Burdock root is joined by prickly pear, java tea and dandelion root in supporting this important organ.
According to animal studies, the spiky prickly pear cactus supports your liver with what seems to be a synergy of antioxidant protection from its vitamin C and special component (also found in beets) betalains.

Java tea has long been used in Malaysia for liver health. Research on rats indicates that this special herb helps maintain healthy liver enzyme levels so the liver can do its job without a pause. Researchers attribute its effectiveness to its free-radical scavenging, antioxidant activity.
Herbalists have long associated dandelion with liver health because of its yellow flowers and bitter taste. Now scientists are finding that it does indeed support liver health. Both animal and lab studies show that extracts from its roots keep your liver working hard, digesting fats.
It seems that dandelion root's sesquiterpene lactones working together synergistically may be responsible for its effect on the liver. But dandelion root is not just an invaluable part of your liver-support team . . .

Intestinal Cleanse & Healthy Weight Support for Healthy Probiotic Bacteria

The key to your digestion is the complex ecosystem inside your intestines made up of probiotic (healthy) bacteria. These bacteria help you with digestion, support your immune system, even help support the integrity of your intestinal walls.
Your colon depends heavily on having these friendly bacteria to help it do its job. In fact, these bacteria make a special energy food, butyric acid. Your colon cells rely on butyric acid for energy. These bacteria thrive when certain molecules are around. And this formulation gives it to them.
Dandelion root is high in both inulin and kynurenic acid. Inulin is a known favorite snack of the bifidobacterium that take care of your large intestine. And it now seems that the kynurenic acid encourages the growth of certain probiotic populations while curbing the growth of others.

Turkish Rhubarb Keeps Things Moving

Special compounds in the ingredient, Turkish rhubarb, also seem to keep the bacteria you want in your gut healthy and thriving. But it has a more particular role in keeping your colon clean and feeling good.
Turkish rhubarb encourages your colon to move waste out. It supports the normal function of intestinal muscles that process feces. It's a gentle and effective way to address occasional irregularity and keep your bowel movements comfortable.
So this special formulation assists the bodys detoxification process and helps ensure that toxins have been moved to your colon and the colon moves all of this out. But it doesn't stop here in giving you well-rounded digestive support . . .

Prickly Pear and Slimy Marshmallow Root Support Your Digestive Linings and Support Healthy Mucus Production

Your digestive system depends on a coating of mucus to keep it comfortable and healthy. It's an important factor in your digestive health.
And Intestinal Cleanse & Healthy Weight Support has you covered here as well . . .
Despite its prickles, prickly pear's pulp is like a balm on your stomach lining. Even better, it helps your stomach produce its own protective mucus lining.
Marshmallow also produces a thick mucus or slime. As nutritional biochemist Holly Phaneuf, Ph. D. explains, this root's action is all in the slime. This slimy coating helps protect and soothe the lining of your digestive tract, bringing comfort.
But it gets even better!

Special Enzyme Mix Makes Digestion Less Of A Chore

Digestive enzymes allow your body to break the bonds in food and reconfigure nutrients into the molecules it needs in record time. Without them, everything slows to a crawl.
In Intestinal Cleanse & Healthy Weight Support, you get a mix of pancreatic enzymes - lipase, protease and amylase essential for the digestion of fats, proteins and sugars. And you get pineapple's special enzyme, bromelain, which is considered so good for digesting proteins it's used as a meat tenderizer. With these metabolic helpers, digestion can cruise along at a pace that keeps your body fueled and happy.
Finally, last but not least when it comes to results you'll love to see when you look in the mirror . . .

Coleus Forskohlii for Healthy Weight Support

Simply by keeping your colon clean and your digestive system in good working order, you'll experience better control over your weight. It's just the natural result of a metabolism and digestive system that's healthy.
But we wanted to give you an extra healthy boost in this direction. So to make all this digestive ease go even farther, we've included the herb coleus forskohlii.
A plant native to India, its special component, forskolin, found in the root has raised a lot of interest.
Two small-scale preliminary clinical trials indicate that this extract may help support healthy weight loss. A third trial did not replicate the weight loss observed in the first two studies. But the researchers noted that while the placebo group gained weight, the group taking forskolin did not.
It seems that forskolin may support healthy weight loss by activating the enzyme that spurs the activity of Cyclic AMP (cAMP) in the body. CAMP promotes the breakdown of stored fats in animal and human fat cells.
Unlike other herbs associated with healthy weight loss, coleus forskohlii shows no adverse side effects. Studies looking for impact on your health has only found good effects ranging from healthy weight loss to healthy cholesterol levels. Not bad. Coleus forskohlii also may help increase bowel movements safely and support healthy bacteria growth in the body.

This Is No Simple Colon-Cleansing Formula

As you can see, this is no simple colon cleansing formula. This is a carefully crafted complete support for your intestinal health.
Intestinal Cleanse & Healthy Weight Support not only helps you keep your colon clean safely and effectively, it goes several steps further . . .
This special formulation . . .

Helps your entire toxin-removal system and supports liver health . . .
Helps soothe your digestive tract . . .
Makes digestion easier . . .
Strengthens your digestive allies, your probiotic bacteria . . .
And finally it supports healthy weight loss.
Pretty remarkable - all of these results from one formula. Sure it takes a while to go through each ingredient and read about what it does. And yes, digestion is complicated. But you don't have to worry about that when you take it. All you have to do is take one capsule and all of these areas of digestive health are taken care of. And to make this supplement even more effective, we include special tips for healthy eating and weight loss. So give yourself a clear map to weight loss and digestive comfort. Try this thorough, safe and healthy colon-cleansing formula. And then enjoy the results . . .
And you can do this absolutely risk free. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee*. So there's no risk for you to try it for yourself.

Clean Your Colon And Support Healthy Weight Loss!

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