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by Esther D. Cocinera
Basket Investment Group consists of experience traders having knowledge of all financial tools. After having a long 5 years offline experience in investment, advertising we are now going online. We us
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Review on Basket Investment

Please read the text of our User Agreement carefully. By opening an account with us you state that you agree with and fully accept our User Agreement.

This regulation governs Basket Investment Limited (hereinafter referred to as Company) activities and establishes rights and obligations of the company clients.

Company client
Company client is an Internet user that passed registration, agreed with Terms and conditions Regulation and passed verification of e-mail address.
Internet user looses the company client status in case of breach of clauses of this Terms and Conditions and\or Anti spam policy.
Company client places his/her own funds under trust management, realizing the risks of investing into securities. Risks are understood as limited income in the days when trading session yields minimum profit for the investor.
Company client acknowledges the fact that the company is not his/her broker, agent or adviser and performs functions of a consultant in the area of securities trade.

Clients rights and obligations
Client is entitled to independently manage funds that he/she submitted to his/her account.
Client can submit, withdraw and store unlimited amount of funds on his/her account within indefinite term.
In case if clients account is blocked together with funds therein, client is entitled to sue the company, except in the cases when client is charged with spam activities aimed at earning profit within the partnership program.
Client is entitled to make an inquiry about the companys registration documents in order to clarify the official information on the companys organization legal status.
Client is entitled to make a request for statistics of daily income in this or that fund for personal use.
Client shall fulfill his/her obligations, respect corporate values and shall not breach the antispam policy during the whole period of relations with the company.
Client shall carefully keep their account access data, realizing their responsibility for loss of this data and impossibility to access the account.
Client shall provide his/her identification data on demand of the company administration.

Client account
Client account is an area in the website with personalized website settings that can be accessed by the client only.
Client shall bear sole responsibility for actions done within their account, acknowledging the fact that, when operations within their account were performed by third parties, this happened solely because of the clients fault.
In case the clients password was lost, the is entitled to undergo a free procedure to recover their password.
If it is impossible for a client to undergo account recovery procedure due to inability to access their e-mail, the companys administration shall be entitled to refuse to recover clients account in order to counter possible fraud.
Access to the clients account can not be given to third parties, other than by the judicial decision.
One client is entitled to create several accounts, but not entitled to merge them or funds stored therein.

Funds submission and withdrawal
Submission and withdrawal of funds shall be carried out by client at own will and shall not mean investing in a fund.
Submission can be done in several ways stated in the site. Particularly, client can submit funds via an electronic payment system or by wire transfer.
When client submits funds through electronic payment system, he/she transfers his/her funds from hir/her account in the given payment system to the companys account in that payment system.
When client does not have the required type of e-money, he/she may exchange e-money available to him/her for e-money that the company may receive. In this case the company will receive e-money sent from the account of exchange point rather than clients account.
Client is entitled to withdraw funds using any method and into any payment system, irrespective of the method of money submission to the account.
Withdrawal of funds from clients account may be performed with delays, which shall not exceed one day.
Clients actions related to money submission\withdrawal may not be cancelled.

Conditions of investing into funds
All funds in the company are interval-type, stipulating that there are conditions for money submission and withdrawal, which are stated in Clauses 5.3.
Investing in a fund is described as transfer of funds from users account to the account of the fund selected by the client.
Amount invested in a fund is called a deposit and may be withdrawn to the account only after expiration of investment period.
Client is entitled to withdraw income accrued based on conditions of the fund and to manage it at their own discretion.
Clients income accrued based on conditions of the fund may not be automatically re-invested in the fund and shall be withdrawn to the clients account.
Each fund offers different conditions for investment, which client agrees respectively when he/she invests in the fund.
Conditions of investing in the Basket Investment Plan 1 :

Minimum deposit: 1.00$
Investment period: 1 day
Minimum interest: 110% , Maximal interest: 200% .

Conditions of investment in the Basket Investment Plan 2 :
Minimum deposit: 250$
Investment period: 4 days
Minimum interest: 150% , Maximal interest: 500% .

Conditions of investment in the Basket Investment Plan 3 :

Minimum deposit: 500$
Investment period: 7 days
Minimum interest: 200% , Maximal interest: 1000% .

Client is entitled to invest in several funds.
Client is entitled to invest any amount, limited only by the minimum deposit amount of the specific fund.

Partnership program
Each client of the company is entitled to participate in the partnership program.
To participate in the partnership program, client shall use a referral reference inside the client account.
Partnership program is based on the principle that a client is interested in finding as many as possible new clients for the company.
According to conditions of the partnership program, client receives % of the money invested by the new clients they found.
Client is not entitled to create new fictional accounts in order to participate in the partnership program and receive referral payouts. Account of the company clients found to engage in such actions shall be blocked.
Participation in the partnership program shall be based strictly on principle of manual distribution of referral references without using spamming technologies and forceful attraction of new clients.

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The best internet investment
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The best internet investment
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The best internet investment
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