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by Clint White Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
Arm Yourself With My Top-Secret Linking Technology That Has Already Achieved 2,360+ Page One Rankings In Google For People Just Like You!
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  • 3waylinks will help you rank 50 of your web sites in Google with one account. Do the math: $175 times 50 is $8,750 a month on auto-pilot.
  • Google sees each link in the 3-way link exchange as a one-way link and gives it the FULL ranking value of a one-way link.
  • A Variety of Link Texts
  • Geographic Diversity
  • A Steady Growth in Links
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Review on 3Way Links

The Holy Grail of ranking well in Google is links. Lots of links. That's an undisputed fact. The problem is that you can't get just any kind of links. Google will only rank sites whose links follow a very specific linking pattern.

I spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars on discovering exactly what linking pattern Google demands. The code is now cracked. I know what Google wants, and I've automated the process of growing links to your site following that pattern.

The result is my top-secret linking technology that has already achieved more than 2,360 page one rankings in Google. The ranking sites are in every conceivable niche: from affordable health insurance to caring for bonsai trees to internet marketing advice to camping ideas. Choose your keywords right and you can break into any niche with this technology.

How It Works

The system uses a method of linking known as 3-way linking. Unlike the traditional one-way link, where only one site benefits, with a 3-way link all 3 sites get what Google sees as a one-way link to their web site.

In the old reciprocal link method, site A linked to site B and site B linked back to site A. Google does not value that kind of link very much at all anymore. Google wants to see one-way links (or at least what it believes are one-way links).

In a 3-way link setup, site A links to site B, site B links to site C, and site C links to site A (as shown in the graphic above). This is where the power of this system lies. It Only Takes 10 Minutes

My new linking technology is designed to be "set it and forget it." There are only 3 steps to getting your site started on the path to ranking in Google:

Add your domain name into your account with your chosen keywords.
Upload a PHP file to your site.
Link to the PHP file from your home page.

(There's also a WordPress plugin in case your site is a WordPress blog.)

That's all you have to do. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. After that everything is automated. The system will start spreading links across the network automatically, performing 3-way link exchanges between your site and other sites in the network. You don't have to touch it again!

Google Gets What Google Wants

As I said earlier, not all links are created equal. Google wants to see certain kinds of links into your web site before it will rank the site for your selected keywords. Those 3 things are:
A Variety of Link Texts

If all of the links aimed at your site contain the same link text, Google will either discount or ignore all of your links. Google wants to see a diversity in the text of the links that are pointed at your site.

My tireless research has shown that using a 60% / 30% / 10% linking pattern works best. That means that about 60% of your links will contain your primary keywords, 30% will contain your secondary keywords, and 10% will contain your third-choice keywords.

However, spin-formatted link text is also supported. If you don't know what that is, don't worry--you don't need to! But if you DO know what that is, then you realize how easy it is to have as many varieties of anchor text as you want.
Geographic Diversity

If all of your links come from web sites that are hosted in the same place, on the same IP address, or even on different Class C IP addresses that are too geographically close to each other, Google will discount or ignore the links.

This network perfectly mimics a natural network of links, because that's exactly what it is! There are thousands of sites owned by many hundreds of web masters. The sites that your site will perform 3-way link exchanges with are located all over the globe, on a very diverse variety of IP and Class C addresses.
A Steady Growth in Links

If hundreds of links suddenly appear in Google that are all aimed at your site, Google will not count the value of those links for many months. This process of withholding link value is known as the "Google Sandbox". When this happens, you have to wait anywhere from 3 months to a year to see the value of your incoming links applied in Google's ranking of your site.

My system spreads links slowly, at the rate of 0 to 8 links per day. That means that there will be some days where no new links are added, and some days where as many as 8 are added -- which is how natural linking occurs. Once your site reaches 250 inbound links, the process stops. This usually takes about 60 days. 250 Links Each to 50 Of Your Web Sites

Your account gives you the ability to put 50 of your web sites into the network. Each of those sites will receive about 250 incoming links from other sites in the network.

Think about this for a moment: if you select your keywords wisely and earn even only $5 in AdSense per day per web site, you're looking at a monthly income from AdSense alone of $7,500 per month.
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