10 Ways to Keep Your Voice Quality

by Komang Putrawan web programmer
Talking, muttering or singing, is an activity that emit sound. Activity itself is actually part of an expression that can be done even since humans are in a very early age. Activities sound itself is
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Talking, muttering or singing, is an activity that emit sound. Activity itself is actually part of an expression that can be done even since humans are in a very early age.

Activities sound itself is often said to be natural. In fact, to be able to produce a pleasant melodious voice be heard with clear pronunciation and can be captured by listeners, is strongly associated with health factors associated with an organ that produces sound.

Without realizing it, humans do not escape from the things that could endanger the organ voice. Just like other organs, the vocal cords are also susceptible to various diseases.

The voice is your ambassador to the world.s Voice reflects the personality and emotions. Assessment of people on our one of which is influenced by our sound, said Norman Hogikyan, researchers from the University of Michigan Health System. Therefore, it is important to maintain the quality of our voice, even though youre not a singer or presenter. Hogikyan gives tips to maintain sound quality.

1. Inadequate fluid needs
Drink enough water every day and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Vowel sound we vibrate very fast, and the water will keep it lubricated. Fruits that contain lots of water, like watermelon, apples, pears, or melon, are also highly recommended for consumption.

2. Rest voiced
Those who work daily use a lot of noise, like a professional singer, teacher, or preacher, advised to rest his voice among certain periods. This is to prevent the lumps on the vocal cords due to excessive use of voice.

3. Avoid smoking
If you already smoke, stop. Smoking increases the risk of throat cancer and cigarette smoke, even secondhand smoke, can make the vocal cords irritation.

4. Avoid excessive use of voice
Avoid yelling or screaming, and avoid to speak out loudly in noisy environments. When you begin to feel dry throat or hoarse voice began, reduce the use of sound. Raspy or hoarse voice is a sign of your vocal cords become irritated.

5. Keep your neck muscles relax
Keep your throat and neck muscles are always relaxed, even when you sing high notes or low pitch. Some singers tilt their head when singing high notes and her head down when singing low notes.

6. Examine how to speak
Even professional singers can have a voice disorder when they speak. When speaking, you have a lot to draw breath, says Hogikyan.

7. Do not be too often clear the throat.
Avoid too much phlegm to clear the throat because it can cause hoarseness. Drink warm liquids without caffeine can help to moisten the throat. Inhaling steam can also help.

8. Listen to your body
If youre sick from the flu and a hoarse voice, use sound to a minimum.

9. Use this tool
If you need to speak in public or outside the room with the public that a lot, use the tool of the speakers so you do not need to shout.

10. Do exercises
Vocal cords also need to be trained in order to remain flexible. You can do it by a small hum in the morning as a warm up the vocal cords.

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