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Well, I'm going to give this a shot and see If it hits the mark...

This group will welcome members who have resources or those need them in order to have their creative projects get started, seen or sold.

I am an artist/ photographer/ musician/ cook-- as well as a businessman, and I have had the experience of never having enough resources for all of the stuff that I want to do...

Well, that need has stimulated me into going out to look for stuff and i've found quite a bit... like free publishing from Lu Lu, arts and craft goodies from Artella, and Live Mansions for those in theater and acting...

I will share this stuff freely, so if you need it, come and get it-- if you've got what an artist might need, this is the place to bring it! :)

Artella Cafe

Lulu Self Publishing

Live Mansion

Zazzle- Create stuff and sell it!

Creative Ideas Resource