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APSENSE.COM is the all in one site. At first i joined the site  a year ago and i left it because i had some site that kept me busy and had no time to learn about

I made a come back when i stumbled an apsense registration email in my inbox when i was doing some house keeping in my mail account. I logged in and started learning the ropes.

I felt happy, and i regretted why i overlooked the site in the first place when i registered.
The good thing is that one can have a website without thinking of hosting or domain charges.

My bitter apsence is in the domain name. and wanted if anyone can help out or explain why?  How do i remove the name apsense in the domain. Website domain with apsense somewhere in between  dont look apealing and hightech am sorry to say thing but wanted someone to discuss with me if there is a way  one can have a domain name without the word apsense.

example - in wordpress one can buy a domain and install wordpress and the domain name for the wordpress wont feature the word wordpress.

Help Out..please