Voip and Cellular- Save up to 95% on Personal...

About Voip and Cellular- Save up to 95% on Personal and Business Services

Well here is some good info on Telecom. As we know things in Telecom are changing and there are some things to be aware of. Our new technology is allowing us to save individuals and businesses up to 95% off their Telecom services.

For instance VOIP is now very reliable when you have the right equipment. We provide Voip service for Residential and Business for $22.95 per month, unlimited talk to US and Canada, cheap rates for International calls and where it can really get good is if the International caller on the receiving end has our service also then the calls are free! We offer service in 63 countries. Also additional phones numbers, fax numbers/lines are only $2 each per month! For businesses whether you have a Voip system or a PBX system you do not have to buy new phones! Our technology allows you to plug your system into our small box and save big money. Yes it doesn't matter if your system has 4 phones or 40 phones you can still use our technology for $22.95 per month and $2 for each additional number! I didn't mention it but you still have all the other services you are accustomed to like caller ID, voicemail, etc... Technology is at that level right now.

Other things we can do with our technology is cut your cell phone bill by using our technology especially if your phone uses a SIM card. We can turn the lowest cost cell phone plan from your current carrier into an unlimited talk plan. All with No Contracts and No Credit Checks.

We also have a half cellular/half VOIP phone that can allow you to cut your phone bill buy giving you unlimited talk and high speed internet on your laptop at the same time.

This is just some of the thing that are now available in 63 countries Including the US.

You can also start a business offering these services and make upfront and residual income by saving people up to 95% of money they are already spending on their telecom.

If you want more info you can email me cutyourbillinhalf@gmail.com or Call us at 559-212-4334