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Ever sense I was diagnosed with type II diabetes, I've found a new world of information concerning natural, and holistic treatments that not only do the job, but they do it without damaging our other organs. It seems adult stem cell treatments, wouldn't fit into either the natural or holistic methods, because most adult stem cell treatments, are somewhat intrusive. That is to say! A doctor must harvest the patients own ASC (adult stem cells) usually either from the spinal cord or other bone marrow, and then plant them back into the patient as required
However, last month I found, or should I say I was found by a gentleman
who took me on a journey of enlightenment, into a one of a kind "patented" natural botanical that when taken in triple blind studies produced as much as a 30% increase of ASCs in the patients blood stream within an hour of taking a one gram dose.
If anyone is interested in hearing an overview by the Co Founder, call toll free (888) 454-6042 and choose prompt 2. I guarantee you a most interesting 5 or so minutes.
Or check out my site at
Till next time! God bless
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