ZUZ Crypto Token Price Get 40% to 10% Bonus

by Levi Samama Co-founder, Co-CEO & CFO

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) is one of the most popular methods by which blockchain companies earn funding for their cryptocurrency projects. It is a process by which a new cryptocurrency project sells some of their own tokens or coins to early adopters and investors in exchange for money today. In simple ways, ICOs are a way of raising money for various blockchain companies. The event where a cryptocurrency project sells a series of their tokens to its early adopters in exchange for legal tenders or cryptocurrency is known as ICO or Token Sale. All the participants in the ICO are invested in the success of the project.

ICOs are mostly marketed on various cryptocurrency forums. These companies share all their important information on these forums for potential investors and buyers to see. These include the whitepaper, objectives and end goals of the project, team members and their expertise, ICO timeline and other important details. The procedure for conducting an ICO may vary from one blockchain company to the other. However, the main focus on the first few weeks lies on generating funds. After the ICO is done which means that funds have been collected and tokens have been sold to the early adopters, these tokens get listed on various cryptocurrency exchanges so that trading with other cryptocurrencies is possible. The price of a token is determined on various factors. Some of these include supply and demand of token, blockchain difficulty level, the utility of currency, media, investors, and government or legal regulations

The blockchain technology was introduced to the world in the form of Bitcoin in 2009. Later it was realized that the blockchain technology could also be separated from Bitcoin and could be used for all other kinds of inter-organizational cooperation. The third innovation in the blockchain world was the introduction of smart contracts. These smart contracts were built on a blockchain system called ethereum.. The ethereum smart contract platform has hundreds of projects operating on it.

The reason why many companies are switching to the blockchain technology and conducting events like ICO and token sales is that this technology has certain distinguishing features which make it more powerful than any other technology present in the digital world today. It is a decentralized system that allows people to store and access their digital assets over the internet. It is a transparent and secure and a fast system. It eliminates the need for any third party or intermediary which makes it a relatively cheaper process to transfer and exchange financial assets. This also speeds up the process. Unauthorized changes and tampering of assets is not possible on this platform as it is a distributed ledger. This leads to protection from any kind of fraudulent activity.

Coalichain is a platform built on the Ethereum Public Blockchain that ensures complete transparency and an immutable voting facility. It n is the bridge that empowers people to interact directly with their Elected Leaders, eliminating once and for all, the communication gap that exists between citizens and governments. Coalichain is coalition on blockchain that provides a decentralized bridge between citizens and leaders. Its main purpose is to provide people with a choice by empowering them to control the democratic process. It bridges the gap between the government and its people. It enables leaders to directly engage and know their people.

The Ethereum blockchain is a distributed virtual machine that allows end users to create smart contracts for transactions. Smart contracts are applications that are stored in the Ethereum blockchain. These contracts are cryptographically secure and can verify or enforce performance. Token contracts are a standard feature of the Ethereum ecosystem.

A ZUZ Token is a cryptocurrency tendered in the political arena through transmission on the Blockchain, facilitating real-time, cost-effective, transparent and fully traceable international transfer of funds. A financial crypto-currency is designed for general trade, whereas ZUZ is meant to facilitate governance. What gives value to a financial crypto-currency is the matter which it can acquire, whereas the value of ZUZ resides in the information that it transmits. The message of a financial crypto-currency is the one of self-interest, ZUZ promotes social choice. The ZUZ token is designed in order to promote the ability to exert real influence on the opinions, behavior and the political intents of the followers. CoaliChain introduces a system which would value the activity of electors and adjust the amount of political ZUZ tokens given for certain activities.

Coalichain will give pre-sale and crowdsale participants the opportunity to be pioneers of this initiative through the pre-sale and the crowdsale phases. By collecting as many supporters as possible we will be able to build a more extended platform and to ensure its swift development and adoption worldwide. 77,0000000 ZUZ have been issued Contributions can be made in fiat money, in ETH, or BTC Amount of ZUZ available during the presale will be limited to 269.5M. SoftCap and HardCap is 3,000,000 USD and 33,000,000 USD respectively.

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Coalichain is lead’s by Chairman and Co-CEO Levi Samama, a serial entrepreneur, founder of multiple successful start-ups and investor, along with Shay Galil, Co-founder and CTO coming from 20 years of experience in the high tech industry, app development, and new media services for the political industry

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