Your Takeaway To An Orthodontist

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Are you suffering from dental problems like large teeth gaps and terrible bites? Then you need an orthodontist Goose Creek, SC! Unfortunately, not everyone has perfectly shaped and spaced teeth when they are born. But the good news is, with the help of an orthodontist, you can get the perfect teeth and smile you wish for!

Wish to know more about an orthodontist before you visit our dental clinic? Then read on as we explain who they are, what they do, and other essential factors. So let's get started!

Who Is An Orthodontist? 

An orthodontist refers to a trained dentist in Goose Creek SC, whose job is to detect, prevent, and treat any jaw and teeth problems. They can detect present conditions and any future conditions that may arise. Orthodontists are trained to treat people from every age group, a child or adults. 

What Does His Work Include? 

The main job is to treat and fix the teeth' positions in our mouth. They use removable and fixed dental instruments like bands, retainers, and braces for these procedures. They also deal with other dental abnormalities like jaw misalignment, crowded teeth, large teeth gaps, bite issues like underbite or overbite, and crooked teeth. 

An orthodontist's main objective is to take care of the patient's bite. Generally, a healthy tooth will be evenly shaped and straight and align with its opposite teeth. It refers to a "healthy bite." It ensures that we can speak, chew, and eat properly. However, if your teeth are misaligned with their opposite pairs, they will either create an underbite or overbite. And that is what your orthodontist will take care of. 

Why Should I Visit An Orthodontist? 

One of the most common reasons people seek an orthodontist at Goose Creek SC is the malocclusion mentioned above or misalignment of teeth. This problem is hereditary and causes size differences between the two jaws or between the teeth and the jaw. In addition, malocclusion or misalignment causes irregular bite patterns, misshapen jaw, or tooth overcrowding. 

Here are two ways your orthodontist will treat this problem -

  • Surgery 

If your problem is severe, your orthodontist will ask you to get surgery. Severe overbites and underbites can be corrected by shortening or lengthening the jaw. Your dentist will use plates, surgical screws, and wires to support your jaw bone. The surgery method is only used if other orthodontic treatments are deemed to fail, and the problem persists.

  • Dental Instruments

If your problem is not that severe, your orthodontist will use dental instruments to fix it. They can use plastic, ceramic, or metal square bonds and attach them to your teeth. They might also use springs or wires to align your teeth. Some orthodontists can use aligners, clear braces, or traditional braces to treat the problem. Again, others may use headgears to put pressure from the outside to align one's teeth. 


That is all you need to know about an orthodontist Goose Creek SC! They are well-trained professionals who can improve teeth alignment problems to restore your beautiful smile. If you are looking for a reliable orthodontist, visit our dental clinic! Our dentists have been treating misalignment problems for years and help you too. Book an appointment today!

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