Your Logos Won’t Suck With These 09 Killer Designing Tips

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Your dream business has been finally set-up & it’s time to spare some thought over to your logo design .Seems so easy-to-do-task on earth right? Just pick up your pen & start sketching something like a jumble & then put your company name in between .May be if you are doing it with some software probably you might get ‘something’ in the end …but not better . You weren’t a paint master during your school days? Right??? Neither your company is just a one-day show .It needs to stand over for many years within market. Hmmmmmmmm!

May God Almighty shower HIS infinite mercy upon you because your next step is to approach a designer who might work out for you or might just put you on floor! If you turn around , you ll discover a million of  logo designing industry people dishing out  bulk crappy logos to serve those crowd sourcing sites

So, what should you do next to stand out as a professional newbie with a quality logo that won’t suck??  Keep on reading to find out:

1.  Have you ever used Visual-Double Entendre Technique?

Some of the latest logos as in digitally-learned; now utilize a technique which is one of my favorite --- ‘visual double entendre’. An overlay imaginative way to say that your logo has dual picture view, wrapped into a single clever concept .

The WinePlace logo below is a classic example that I can remember so far.

The above logo apparently accrues the shape of a thumbtack; indicating a location or place but  also, at the same time communicates an inverted wine-glass image . Logos with such smart technique come-off as more recallable & adoring. Viewers find it interesting & appreciate this mini mind -game test that you play with them & your design gets 10/10.,

2. Color Is Not Vitally but Visually Important

A beautiful logo can’t be enough beautiful if it lacks a perfect color of the most critical decision to consider .It’s  could  not just be a random thought to paint up your logo with your favorite colors but also, color carries certain meanings & communicates aspirations & ideas.

Certain brands make you pegged with their colors only; while other times, you have complete freedom to explore .Customers have certain emotions that they attribute towards a particular color. Zion logo’s rich palate is breath-taking .Personally, I love it!

Ahead of a grayscale version, I would like you to view the pure single theme drafted around only black & white negative spaces. This could be tricky to go for a like the logo above but definitely not impossible!

3. Avoid the Cliché

Every few years back, fads come in logo designing. Serious logo designers keep an active-eye on study design trends and you might even find them recommending onto a few bandwagons to follow with time to survive .But for logos, I simply don’t like the idea of being a bunch of logo designers using the same idea over & over again.

The basic archetype above is same as of those early 20‘s logos & don’t mind but , it’s getting ultra-old now .

Why not use a design that you actually thought up yourself rather than ripping off what everyone else is doing?”

4. Make it ‘Own-able’

“Ownable” isn’t a dictionary word so don’t ever search for it. These clever marketers are good in coining new jargons & I must say & you would never heard it but except in marketing theories. This concept here is though important to discuss in relation with the previous tip .

Rather than subsequenting the flock and using a cliché design, you should hit hard to come up with something that could be your business- recognizing & unique .I’ve always valued the Evernote logo in this regard:

 Not any outclass thing, the logo has got just an elephant head painted which negates it from being unique but the way it’s drawn with that twisted trunk & page fold in the ear part is something that makes it instant to recall.

While redesigning logo, sit back & give it a thought: whether your design is generic or unique? Is there a possibility that others will replicate it?]Your first logo idea could be most generic, don’t worry about that ( it could be everyone’s else first idea) .Sketch out one or two rough logos on your notebook page  before concluding onto the final one . xxx Thank God Almighty for the eraser xxx.

5. Everybody Loves Custom Type

While our subject is how to be unique in logos; nothing besides an awesome custom lettering can give your logo that exact exclusive feel  .

Too often we see logo design as simply a trip to the font menu to see which typeface makes the company name look best.”

 Some of my favorite scripted logos are :

Custom -type helps make sure that your sole logo will stay that way. Low-life logo designers UK will swindle your work in a heartbeat if they find out the secret behind the typeface you’re using, but, only some real-clever skill is required to mimic custom hand-drawn type!

6. ‘KISS’ isn’t that simple

Let’s face the shot: not everyone is blessed with the God-gifted talent or can call himself a pro in logo designs. So, don’t ever think that you could burst out a magical, hand-drawn script on a whim within seconds.

Being a designer won’t necessarily make you an amazing illustrator or typographer .In such situation, keep on courting these 4 words at your finger tips: KISS…this time its keep it simple ‘stupid’.

The power of simple-made logos is truly matchless & difficult to imitate with them, always being infusing the business world like the ‘best corporate visual icons’ for rest of times. 

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