Your Hair your crowning glory, in pregnancy and postpartum – How to care?

by Pooja Sharma Marketing

Pregnancy brings with it a lot of hormonal changes in a woman’s body. Although these changes are only temporary and will come back to normal in the postpartum phase, they come at a time when every woman wants to look at her best and for every woman, her hair is her crowning glory! Changes in your hair texture and growth during and after pregnancy is normal. Here is a guide to help you understand these changes better.

Hair changes during pregnancy

A normal hair cycle goes through phases of growth, resting and shedding off. During pregnancy, the higher estrogen levels extend the growing phase of the hair while slowing down the resting and shedding phase. Hence most expectant mothers experience thicker luxurious hair. Alternatively, for some women, the opposite is true- hair becomes dry or brittle, gets oily faster and even textural changes can occur. Hormones are often to blame but dry and brittle hair can also be a sign of nutritional deficiency. Be sure to eat nutritious food.

For most women, the hair return to normal after the baby is born.

Since hair responds unpredictably under the influence of pregnancy hormones it is best to avoid chemical treatments on hair during pregnancy

Hair changes in the postpartum phase

Around the third month postpartum, you might begin to lose hair in handsful raising an immediate alarm about going bald! If there is nothing medically wrong with you, you’re going to have to let nature run its course as far as shedding is concerned. Remember that the shedding may seem excessive but its actually all of that hair that should have shed over the past year coming out over a short period of time. Not to worry! This too is perfectly normal. In all probability, your hair will get back to their normal pattern by the time its time for your child’s first birthday.

Tips to manage your hair in the postpartum period

  1. Have a well-balanced diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables. Diet rich in Iron, protein, Vit C, minerals and other antioxidants will help restore hair cycle to normal.
  2. Take your supplements and hair vitamins regularly.
  3. Avoid hairstyles that pull on your hair.
  4. Avoid hair dryers etc. If possible let your hair air dry.
  5. Wet hair is always weaker. Avoid frequent shampooing. Washing twice in a week is sufficient to remove excess build up of the dirt.
  6. Use mild shampoos and conditioners and products that contain biotin and silica, both of which help in hair strengthening.
  7. Avoid too much brushing.
  8. Use a wide toothed wooden comb to comb your hair.
  9. Regular conditioning and protein treatments will help.
  10. Most importantly – catch some sleep and destress!
  11. So mommies, take care of yourself and enjoy your babies while your crowning glory does the hormonal adjustments!


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