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If you have recently started convulsions, your doctor may book you for an epilepsy MRI examination. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one technique to understand why you are having seizures. The epilepsy MRI conclusions might help identify the kind of epilepsy you have. An MRI machine bought from MRI Machine Dealers is an uncommon-looking machine that you have to lie inside. You might be feeling a little anxious about the examination, but it’s painless and completely safe. Here is everything you require to recognize about MRI and epilepsy.

What is an MRI?

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a medical technique used to generate an image of the inside of any part of your body. It uses a magnetic field and radio waves to represent the structure of muscles and organs. MRIs also display how liquids move around the body.

Why am I being presented with an epilepsy MRI?

Occasionally epilepsy is caused by precise irregularities or damage to the brain. The MRI examination can show things like:

  • Injury to the brain produced by head injuries

  • Brain tumors

  • Physical problems

  • Questions about how blood streams through vessels in the brain

  • Sclerosis - which is when brain tissues toughen

If any of these glitches show up on the epilepsy MRI conclusions, it will help your doctor to learn more about why you're having seizures. An epilepsy MRI examination is also used if you are going to have surgery to eliminate a part of the brain that is causing seizures. The MRI will tell the surgeon precisely which portion of the brain they need to remove and how much.

Does epilepsy display on MRI examinations?

No, not essentially. An MRI examination can help your doctor comprehend some of the possible underlying structural causes of your seizures. Though, for many people, there is no organizational cause behind their epilepsy and so the brain examination comes back ‘normal’.

Epilepsy MRI vs standard MRI

MRI specialists use many different methods to study different diseases. Some shared MRI and epilepsy examinations include: 

  • Functional MRI epilepsy examinations were done on equipment supplied by MRI Machine Dealers which look at the bloodstream in the brain

  • Fiber tracking methods that display the ‘wiring’ of the brain

  • FLAIR - a method that helps notice changes around the edges of the brain

How to concoct for your epilepsy MRI appointment

Going into an MRI apparatus can be strange knowledge. MRI apparatuses bought from MRI Machine Dealers in India are very deafening, and you may have to wear earplugs. The procedure usually lasts at least 30 minutes, and you must keep your head motionless so that the pictures are not blurry. This can be a little painful. Here’s how to formulate for your epilepsy MRI slot:

  • Tell your physician and the technician at the hospital if you have any metal inserts anywhere in your body - because this could affect how the apparatus works

  • If you find being in small spaces taxing, talk to the technician - they might deliver medicines to help you relax

  • Take your seizure medication as you usually do, and slumber and eat in your normal way

  • Wear loose-fitting and contented clothes that do not comprise any metal fasteners or buttons

  • Dodge wearing jewelry, makeup, or hearing aids

  • If at any point during the process, you feel pain, there will be a key you can press to communicate with the technician

Is an MRI harmless?

Yes, MRI examinations are among the safest medical actions around. While they are deafening and a bit painful, you’ll experience no physical danger.  

What occurs after the epilepsy MRI examination?

After the examination is complete, a radiographer and your neurologist will examine the epilepsy MRI findings. This information will be used to comprehend your convulsions and decide on the best treatment pathway for you.

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