Your Attitude Toward Women - How's It Doing Lately?

by John Smith Proffesional Manager

I'm pretty familiar now that I'm talking a lot about "getting what you want" here. The premise is simple, but it is often overlooked. To get a great woman, you have to be the right man.


A day or two ago, when something very interesting happened, I was talking to a friend. If "worthy of what you want" is what you want, the essence of things makes you worthy of a wonderful woman in this process visit


Of course, this is also here, now not only a bar of a certain level in that you successfully attract her, but also what you expect a particular cross section of a woman to attract her. But it also means that. My friends and I couldn't help but agree that people tend to attract people who are ready to meet.


The other day, when I visited a very crowded forum in the world of "Men's Marriage Advice", some focused on the common theme of all women, especially American women (Natch, according to American men). Posts caught my attention They were basically lying manipulators, tricking you and taking all the money in a day. It was like a train accident. I didn't want to appear, but I couldn't help it. And the more I read, the clearer the image.


To say that these guys were a little ... uh ... bitterness was an understatement. And the most unfortunate part was that the threads were pages and pages, all 5 and beat choruses.


No dissenting opinion was expressed.


That was when I crossed my head. Everyone who might disagree did not complain about the forum. They were probably too busy to enjoy dating a wonderful woman.


Boys around the world get exactly what they have prepared from women. Rest assured that there are many women who are warm, generous, playful, entertaining, noble, and certainly loyal and beautiful. Some people have their own 6-digit income and don't really need money. Really. And most of them are great in bed (because they deserve to do so).


Can you believe it? Do you think I'm a naive dreamer fooling myself? Do you think Emily isn't real? Have all my friends, like me, who met hundreds of women and eventually chose ONE GREAT WOMAN (especially Stephen Nash and Social Rockstar's new friend KellyAKA Song_Bird), were sentenced to life imprisonment in The Matrix? ??


Well, anything you can sleep at night. Except I think it keeps you awake at night.


What if everything is true? What if there was a really nice woman there? Deeply, you probably know it exists. But here is: Attract exactly the type of woman you want to meet in your life ... anyone.


This is not necessarily the "law of attraction" either. In fact, it's really about leadership.


Look at her. If you don't respect women and think they are generally selfish, operational, morally naked, and good only for the purpose of sexual liberation ... then yes. This is your choice. And congratulations, you deserve what you want. "Every man is a dog", "You want only one thing", and you shouldn't trust and use "your natural resources" before you do You will still encounter a stable stream of women who tend to believe. He spends everything on gambling and "gentlemen's clubs".


You will be more annoyed by the contempt you describe for them as "hate".


But the truth remains true, whether it is recognized or not. In fact, there are wonderful women who respect and love men and want to be good to them. But such women are willing to interact with men who do not believe they exist! And on the other hand, men who respect women and master the art of inspiring femininity cannot tolerate women who dislike men. The right not to do so is reserved.


The most striking part of the overall scenario is how much you can focus your tunnel vision in the shortest amount of time. Sooner or later, if you choose to believe that all motorcycles (members of the opposite sex) are bad news, you will be a lonely man ... and there is also sexual frustration. Because your basic faith has become your reality in a very realistic way.


So why don't men and women awaken what's going on?


The answer is simple. Guilt is the least resistant path. If anyone thinks there are motorcycles that have actually lived to a higher standard, they should look directly at themselves.

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