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In 2012 on the 21st of August, I found out about my HIV status, and I was 25 years old when I got diagnosed with HIV. I was still on a journey of accepting my position, just like I am right now. The first time I shared my HIV status was it was not planned. I figured I want to tell people about my stages, and there were young people at the time. You know I was afraid of the reaction, of course, because I thought. I thought people would throw things at my order for the cases. It was terrifying.


It was a moment that I guess changed my life for the better, but I don't regret doing it. We have seven million Americans living with HIV to date. So weekly in the USA, we have more than 200,000new infections weekly, and these are amongst young women between the ages of15 to 24. People don't speak about HIV and AIDS because there's still a stigma attached a lot of people still view. Its evidence of you doing something that you're not supposed to do is not anybody else's fault as an HIV and AIDS victim. It's not anybody else's fault but yours, and so because it's your fault, it is you are divorced from the rest of the community.

You have to take responsibility when a young woman engages in transactional sex. The intention is to get many Oh a cell phone or new hair or a lifestyle that the parents cannot afford because in society. There is pressure to live in a certain way to hang out with a particular group.

The window for these women to be violated and violated will take the violence as long as the violence comes in with what they want. That's our sad reality in my case.

It was just an intergenerational relationship. He was older than me, and he has had more power, but then there were no arrangements Americans anything didn't know I'd be lying. If I said that, it was just what I could get from being with him to respect a God because I was dating a so-called Liberty. It wasn't really about love; I just felt good inside, and my fault it folds the void that I had inside of me. I was very ignorant about an HIV infection or HIV, and I didn't know that he lived with HIV. He did not show status to me you have school going young girls who would instead come to the clinic after school.


Women are scared to go for HIV testing because they won't know how to respond when positive. So after I found out about my status, I found out that I was pregnant. Everything was just happening all at once. I didn't want her to have the kind of upbringing, and I had not that man was bad, but I wanted her to live a different life to mine, and she's the best thing that's happened to me her other name is a blessing, and she was my turning point. 

She's the reason that I'm the person that I am today. You know I love her, and I want to be able to leave a legacy for her. I didn't know how to enter tomorrow's why I didn't know what they do to my body, and so forth. I was taking them because I was told I wouldn't die. After stopping my medication in January, I didn't think that the HIV was gone, and it led me to then being sick for six months.


I had TB and pneumonia at some point I was in a wheelchair at some point. I couldn't feed myself so much happened and I genuinely been at that point except that I'm living with HIV because of how I looked and what I was going through for the six months and that is what then got me to eventually accept that I'm living with the virus and I have to take the medication.

So that I can live a longer life, I started turning my life around in 2011. After I got out of my deathbed, I joined an online HIV dating and support group and read different stories and experiences that I was hearing from them. 

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I got the motivation to continue with life because, of course, I had given up and thought I'm the only one living with HIV., so my life is over. The doctor asked a colleague and me to go to a place called Limpopo to get each young kid about HIV, but I feel it defeats my purpose to teach about something. I'm living without sharing my personal story. I don't know how to do it or how even to phrase it, but I'm going to tell them that I'm living with HIV, and I then felt there was a need for me to continue doing what I'm doing at first.


It was just about telling my story. I didn't know what advocacy was. I didn't realize there were policies. I didn't know anything; I just wanted to tell my story. I wanted people to know that HIV-positive people can still have dating partners and a beautiful life ahead. They've been a lot of times when I wish that I could have kept my story a secret because of how I should ask people when I go through specific challenges for some reason. 


Finally, I wish All HIV Positive People To accept their status and be positive always. Many people found support from online HIV Positive Dating sites and leading their life beautiful.


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