You Should Know Amazing Benefits of Black Pepper

by Pooja K. Professional Writer
Black Pepper is a tiny round black dry seed and it's also known as a 'medicinal spice'. Black pepper has an array of health benefits. 

As researchers prove that it's origin is Kerala and it's grown in the several countries around the world. This spice has many flavor and generally it's used to sprinkle for relish on soups, pasta and salads. 

Here you will go  through with the amazing uses of black pepper in daily life. You may use this spices in different preparations.

Uses of Black Pepper are defined as:

1. Black Pepper may use to reduce cold and cough: 

The spice has antibiotic nature and has much vitamin C. Here simply we define the ways to use black pepper and decrease the symptoms of cold and cough to relief your self. 

a. Add some peppercorn in a cup of water along with ginger, turmeric, and tulsi leaves. Boil it until it reduces to half cup and drink it 2-3 times in a day.

b. Crush some peppercorn and mix it with honey and take it for healthy throat.

c. Take some curry leaves black pepper and tomatoes then make piping hot rasam to get relax from chest congestion.

d. Mix some crushed peppercorns to boiled hot water and add some drops of eucalyptus oil afterwards inhale steam to fix your sinuses.

2. Reduce obesity using black pepper 

Full of phytonutrients, black pepper is useful in aiding digestion. Here we define some points that how you can loose your weight using black pepper:

a. Black pepper in our body increase metabolism which digest the food quickly

b. In the outermost layer of black pepper Phytonutrients is present which helps to break down the  fat cells and decreasing the belly fat

c. Black pepper is also helpful to reduce the unwanted calories which leads the weight loss.

d. Carry to good absorption of nutrients

Use black pepper in pongal, payasam, rasam etc. And always you are recommended to use crushed black pepper in your diet to take it's anti-obesity benefits.

3. To get  glowing and ageless skin Use black pepper 

black peppercorns and fresh crushed pepper oppose unwanted free radical reactions and keeps skin healthy and glowing. Black pepper may plays an important role to beautiful and glowing skin. Here you will know the more benefits of black pepper for glowing skin.  

a. Black pepper is full of antioxidants thus keeping wrinkles away

b. Maintain proper blood circulation level and provide the oxygen to outer layer of skin and prevents the body from dark spots formation of fine lines.  

c. Black pepper also plays an important role to produce melanin which helps to person suffering from vitiligo.

d. Eating fresh pepper leads to sweating. This eradicate toxins giving a fresh younger glowing skin

e. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory nature helps to say goodbye to acne

4. Prevent Cancer with black pepper

black pepper has vitamins A & C nature, and also flavonoids and carotenes useful properties, it's also prevent from formation of cancer tumors in the body.

a. Prevent cancer by adding black pepper and turmeric to milk and drink it at night to take benefits.

b. Spice antioxidants nature eliminates free radicals and protecting body from cancer.

c. harmful ultraviolet radiation carries Curbs skin cancer.

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