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A Brief History Of Yoga


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The word Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj‘ meaning “to join” or “to unite”.

There are several types of yoga as well like gyan, bhakti, karma, hata, raj, mantra, shiv, hatha, naad , Laya and many more. Rig veda one of the most secernate and the oldest book of human history it is about 8 to 10 thousand years old and yog is a part of this vedic literature.

MAHARISHI PATANJALI considers to be the authority on yoga propounded and nearly 5000 years ago. Lord Krishna and many saints of India have also spoken about yog in the middle ages the practices of yog was confined only to the Royal and the scholarly class it was taught to students in gurukul after passing a rigorous test.

In the recent years by the effort of many spiritual and religious leaders of India the dose of yog have been open to the common man and to each and every human being on this planet.

Yoga is the union of body mind and spirit the individual to the universal you guys releasing the connection between the finite and the infinite the manifest and the unmanifest. Yog is bringing harmony in thought word and deed.

Somehow today’s age has become associated with only physical postures whereas the central teaching of yog is maintaining and equanimous state of mind. read more

What is Yoga?


If you think that yoga is just stretching, bending your body, then you are wrong, you need to think again. Yog is a complete science it unites body mind and spirit and and the universe.

Yog brings that much needed and longed for peace and ecstasy in every individual not only that is it also make such a big difference in ones behavior patron, thought patron, once attitude for asen living or seen life these days. read more

Benefits Of Yoga

1. Improve your flexibility

The practice of yoga through postures improves the elasticity of the muscles their strength yes, but above all their flexibility and poses and sequences helps to expand the body’s flexibility.

The practice of yog with a mindful mind and ensuring that stretching is safe and allows the body’s nervous system ease muscles into soft stretch that is effective and efficient.. Then you will start showing effect and you will feel better

read more

2. Yoga helps to improve self-confidence

The practice of regular yog will improve your focus, concentration, clarity of mind as well as flexibility and posture, while strengthening the body. It’s the ideal method to reduce stress and create the feeling of confidence and that’s all you need to boost your confidence levels.

3. Yoga helps to improve your better breathe

Each moment we live to settle down. A healthy breathing practice can ensure to healthy life and balanced lifestyle and better sleep, as well as more positive relationships, and a better shape it can change your lifestyle!”. Coming, so you can manage every through a more mindful breath and exhalation.

4. Get better quality sleep

Each kind of yoga is likely to provide benefits to your body. There is one type that specifically enhances the quality of your sleeping. Yog Nidra is an effective method of relaxation which allows you to eliminate any mental and physical annoyances.

When you are in two different states of awareness (neither actually awake, nor asleep) We learn to relax all of our muscles and enter a sleep state more quickly. An assessment for insomniacs. read more

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