Yoga for Hair Growth: 10 Powerful Asanas for Healthy, Long and Strong Hair

by Majestic Hair And Skin Clinic Hair Transplant in Delhi
Problems related to hair and its health have become a very common issue these days. The main contribution to these issues comes from the urban lifestyle. The constant stress, anxiety, smoking, sleep deprivation, genetic disorders, bad eating habits, use of chemicals and exposure to pollution are some of the main reasons why there’s been a huge rise in the number of people suffering from some or the other hair problem.

To try and fix this up, we look into the market and try product after product on our scalp. More often than not, we end up with unsatisfactory results. What we fail to understand is that the problem is rooted much deeper than the surface of the hair strands. We need to observe and make some changes in our day to day life to restore the health of our beautiful locks. That brings us to the Yoga for hair growth.

Most sever hair problems like hair fall and hair loss can be fixed with yoga, pranayama, and proper diet. Yoga also promotes blood circulation to specific parts of the body like the scalp. Sufficient oxygen supply to the scalp prevents hair loss.

So here are the 10 best yoga asanas you can do at your home and control all type of hair issues before it's too late:

The Balayam Yoga or Nail Rubbing Pose - 
Under your nails are certain nerve endings. When you rub your nails against each other, it activates those nerves and your brain begins to revive the dead hair follicles.

The Ushtrasana or The Camel Pose - 
It helps in activating the nerve endings that are responsible for blood circulation to the scalp.

The Sarvangasana or Shoulder Headstand Pose -  
it circulates the blood to your thyroid gland, which in turn secretes the hormones that help with hair growth.

The Shirshasana or the Headstand Pose - 
It turns the flow and circulation of the blood to your scalp, making your hair follicles receive more nutrition.

The Adhomukha Savasana or Downward Facing Dog Pose - 
It provides with stress relief and stretches the entire body, making the blood flow through the nerves and the muscles.

The Vajrasana or Thunderbolt Pose - 
The pose improves digestion and hence, helps your body in absorbing the nutrition better.

The Apanasana or Knees to Chest Pose -
The pressure on your abdomen and the chest forces the toxicants in your body to be removed through the colon. A body full of nutrients and rid of toxicants instantly feels healthier, including the hair.

Anulom Vilom or Alternate Nostril Breathing - 
Works as a stress reliever, it also increases the oxygen in the blood.

The Sasangasana or Rabbit Pose -
It pushes out the toxicants, it stretches and increases the blood circulation flow throughout the body.

The Uttanpadasana or Raised Leg Pose -
Improves the digestion process and the blood rush from the lower half to the body to the torso makes the oxygen reach the scalp along with the blood.

With the ease of doing these asanas at home and by just spending 15 minutes a day you can reverse your hair fall condition and turn it into hair growth. If you would like to read more about this topic and learn these yoga asanas with the help of videos then visit The Best Yoga Asanas for Hair Growth

Please let us know in the comment section if we missed any asana that you have tried and if this helped you in improving the condition of your hair. This article is written and published by Majestic Hair And Skin Clinic. For more such blog articles please visit our website

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