Yoga and Modern Life

by Yoganandham Rishikesh Best Yoga School in Rishikesh
The advances of modern technology have provided countless benefits within communication, medicine, and lifestyle for today's world. However, this has been accompanied by a host of societal and health-related drawbacks. Yoga can be utilized to counteract and prevent the negative effects via cleansing, Pranayama, Asanas, Meditation, bandhas, and Ayurvedic Diet.

The primary issues that yoga can help to balance are an increase in society’s peace and the consequential degeneration of mental health, an increase in independent living and a lack of social connections associated with a modern lifestyle.
The rise in psychosomatic disorders such as anxiety and depression has been linked to the instantaneous nature of society, nearly all techniques that makeup Yoga can help with this, however, pranayama can be employed to directly counteract the “Monkey Mind”. That lives within the majority of the population, By focusing on different breathing techniques including alternating breathing attempting to lengthen the inhale, exhale and retention leaves little room for a wandering mind, The emphasis on full breath ensures sufficient oxygen delivered to the brain- this coupled with “stopping” in a world that is always “one” can have astronomical effects on a patient suffering from a mental health disorder when practiced regularly.
For the first time in millennia, humans do not rely on each other for the basic requirements of food, shelter, and water. This has led to what is described by the world health organizations as an ‘epidemic of loneliness’. By practicing asanas and implementing Yogic philosophy, This feeling can be counteracted. The simple practice of Asanas, linking poses to breathe within a group of people simultaneously can help to inspire a feeling of belonging. Having a teacher invented in improving you can aid the feeling of wanting to improve oneself. By understanding Yogic Philosophy striving for righteousness, nonstealing, being faithful and non-violence, healthy relationships with others can grow and be cultivated. The combination of regular asanas practice and sterling to implement yogic philosophy in one’s lifestyle can improve the feeling of loneliness.

There are too many health conditions that are associated with modern life to discuss here. Obesity, diabetes and inflammatory bowel disease(IBD) can be associated via asanas, Pranayam, Cleaning techniques and bandhas, as well as the implementation of and ayurvedic diet. The regular practice of asanas can help to manage one's sugar levels, control and reduce body fat as well as improve energy levels. Certain asanas can be chosen to aid in digestion which can be counteracted via pranayama as discussed previously. Cleansing can help to remove toxins from the body, which when coupled with an ayurvedic diet can improve the quality of energy sources in the body. Finally, bandhas can allow the patient to control and channel energy to where it is most needed in the body. Regular practice of these techniques can improve the symptoms of obesity, diabetes, and IBD.

TO conclude, the various aspects of Yoga can help to counteract a rise of mental health issues, an increase in loneliness, and a surge of illness related to modern life.

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