Years of diligent farming dogs and cats are ... paralyzed

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Over the years, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc, residing in Hamlet 6, Hung Long Commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City, has been diligently taking care of more than 50 dogs and cats, many of which are paralyzed and blind.

"In a previous life you owe it, this life must be paid"
Present at the house of Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc (residing in Hamlet 6, Hung Long Commune, Binh Chanh District, Ho Chi Minh City), despite the hot weather, she still went to pack poo and wash each puddle of waste water from the dogs. , cat. “I have cultivated and used to this smell. Normally, I clean once at 7:00 am, cool to clean again in the afternoon. In general, if I am injured, I do not feel disgusting, "said Ngoc.
Up to now, Ms. Ngoc is raising 40 cats (3 paralyzed, blind), 15 dogs (9 paralyzed, blind). “Karma must be too heavy in the previous life, this life must be paid. Some people also joke that in this life saving them, the next life will be blessed, ”Ms. Ngoc said, smiling.

I'd rather let him die at home

The story begins in 2014, when Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc works at a gym at a park when she happens to see a cat paralyzed. Feeling sorry, Ms. Ngoc brought and took care of.

"I don't understand why, since I raised the 'children', I often come across cases where they get run over by a car, the owner leaves in a tree ... Whenever I see such cases, I bring them back to feed them." Ngoc confided.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc shared: “In the first few days I brought home, my parents did not allow me to raise them because they did not like their smell. Since then, I have been looking for a boarding house to support, but I also encountered many obstacles when many people found things, making it difficult for me to go elsewhere. After moving in nearly a dozen times, I was fortunate to have a sponsor to help with money to buy land and build houses in the outskirts of the city, raising them is also easier ”.

Ngoc's house is nearly 400 m2 wide, but the area for dogs and cats is over 300 m2, built with single-fiber roofs. Ms. Ngoc expressed her heart: "After building the house, there are mornings when people leave dogs and cats in front of their house, but it is more fortunate than to throw them on the street, in the river ..., because if they are It's a pity to die ... Sometimes when we go on the street, we see cats run over by a car, unable to live but still want to bring them back, I'd rather die at my house and cremate, than out on the cold street. ".

Not hearing is sad!

Talking with us about raising dogs and cats, especially paralyzed ones, Ms. Ngoc said that just brought them back to the veterinary station, did a general check, had a blood test. When the results are available, "quarantine" self-care at home, and will usually be re-examined 10 days later.

“For children with limbs injured, if I touch if there is any reaction, I will take alcohol to massage medicine. Besides, I also used a homemade wheelchair to let him practice walking, ”said Ngoc.

Referring to this "divine" wheelchair, Ngoc shared that it is designed from water pipes, electric pipes connected together, the lower part attached to 4 wheels, and straps to keep them balanced.

It is known that in addition to motorbike taxi driving, these wheelchairs are also a source of income for Ngoc to raise more than 50 cats and dogs. “The job of driving delivery vehicles is also very endless, everyone who calls for them go, mainly to take advantage of their free time to make products to make more money for them. I make this product that everyone wants to know and use it for paralyzed animals so as not to leave them anymore ”, said Ms. Ngoc.

Ms. Ngoc also confided: “I spend most of my time on them, so it is difficult to have a time frame for myself. Honestly, every meal without hearing is sad ... ".

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