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Since ancient times, people have had a fondness for decorating their homes with items that look visually appealing and aesthetic. If you take a look at the heritage of Indian art and craft, you will find a lot of beautiful handcrafted wooden designs. One of the most famous art forms in India is the art of decorating and designing wood.

Anything that looks good should be good for our environment too. The durability and beauty of wood make wooden handicrafts a popular choice all around the globe. Wooden items have a huge market outside India and their admirers are found all over the globe. In India, there are several wood home decor wholesale dealers dealing in items like accessories, boxes, furniture, carving, wooden home décor items, panels, utensils, and more. With the onus on environment-friendly products, these wooden beauties are gaining more admirers day by day.

You can get a whole range of themes and objects in wooden carving beginning from tableware to key chains, decorative bookshelves, trinket boxes, and paper products. Subtle shades and beautiful designs are used to make different kinds of decorative wooden items.

People often look for quality wooden handicraft products, which are functional and are durable. Indian handicrafts like dolls, toys, and items for home décor are in demand everywhere. The cottage industry or the small-scale industry in India deals with a variety of handicraft items that are put up on display mostly in exhibitions.

Let us talk about wooden handicraft items here to find out some details.

Types of wooden handicrafts

The art of making wooden handicraft items has different manifestations and forms. There is a wide variety available in handcrafted wooden items, like wooden pipe stem, graters, or spoons. Famous and native wood carving experts of India have created distinguished artworks in the form of sculptures and figurines.

How wooden handicrafts are made

It is not easy to make wooden handicraft items. It needs an enormous amount of patience, hard work and, skill because the wood has a tendency to crack, be affected by insects, or by changes in the atmosphere. However, a proficient artisan can combat these flaws when they make wooden handicrafts by carving them by hand.

Places in India where wooden handicrafts are made

Let us see where in India you can find wooden handicrafts that excel in beauty and detailing:


The state of Rajasthan in Western India is famous all over the world for its rich handicrafts and creativity in the form of crafts and arts. There are creative and artistic senses in Rajasthan that are unique to the state. It is one of the best places to look for when you are searching for wooden handicraft items. You can find wooden toys, wooden tables, old doors, and many other items. Jodhpur city in Rajasthan is famous for traditional painted furniture made of wood. The handicraft artists in Rajasthan use their creativity to carve images of God, humans, elephants, and other animals on wooden doors and other items. Nowadays, these contemporary designs are slowing making way into our day to day life through the unique products available at Nurture India. They specialize in creatively bringing the wooden handicrafts from showcases to our very kitchen and dining table, giving them a rich and classy look.

Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh

In the states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, each place has developed its own individual style of carvings and structures. The local traditions influence the people who make handicrafts a lot because of the different varieties of wood available. Items like screens, boxes, bowls, and furniture are made from walnut wood, which is available in plenty in the region. Intricate designs and unique patterns are symbolic of the handicraft in these regions.

Other Places

When we talk about wooden handicraft items, Tamil Nadu, Kashmir and Gujarat also deserve a special mention. Ceilings and pillars made out of decorative wood are famous in Kashmir. Gujarat and Tamil Nadu also has a rich tradition in wood carving. Some of this craving inspiration can be seen in the products available at Nurture India.

Benefits of using wood

But if you are asking, why wood? What is so beneficial about it, then let us find out why, by understanding some of the benefits of wood:

•             It is helpful in handling changes in climate.

•             Wood is renewable and environment-friendly.

•             It has a positive effect on wellbeing and health.

•             Wood can be a cost-effective material.

•             It has a naturally beautiful look.

•             Wood can be used for making animal figures, furniture, toys, tableware, kitchenware and more.

•             It is very strong structurally.

•             By using wooden handicrafts, you are promoting the “Make in India” initiative too.

When you use wooden bowls, cake stands, mugs, coasters, and other wooden items in your home, you not only feel their benefit in the functionality they provide but also in the beautiful and aesthetic appearance they have. A traditionally decorated house will embrace wooden handicraft items in its décor and look natural and appealing.

Nurture India has many such beautiful items and you can order if you are redesigning your entire house and need items in bulk. You can also buy individual items from their website and learn more about their unique approach to wooden items.

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