Best Career Opportunities in Photography

by Randhir Pandey Team Lead - Marketing

Nowadays, it has been like a trend, to become a photographer. Most people possess DSLR( Digital Single Reflex) cameras, and they call themselves photographers. Photography is an art, and some people take it pretty seriously. Most people practice photography as a hobby because they like it, but some of them think of making a living out of it. There is a difference between occupation and profession, and people who love to photograph every beautiful moment of life, and make a living out of it, can call photography as their profession AND occupation.

The society generally follows the herd instinct. Well, the herd instinct says, that medicine and engineering can be the only means by which one can make their two ends meet. The society is usually sceptical of how people can turn their hobbies into their career and be established as a person. For example, fashion, or, photography. According to most people around us, these should be limited to hobbies and interests only. They believe that not everyone can become a Manish Malhotra. Same goes for photography too. Well, they’d be surprised if they learnt that things can work the other way too.

Photography is a wide range subject, and it has quite a number of aspects. Photographers choose an aspect and continue with it. Many photographers can balance more than one aspect too.

The different types of photographers are:

        Portrait photographers

        Commercial photographers

        Scientific photographers


        Freelance photographers 

How can a hobby made into a profession?

Well, if you are making a hobby into a profession, you’re literally doing what you love. Working for yourself. One would never feel tired doing it and can do it for hours.

Photography is not quite easy. Owning a camera and clicking endless photos and editing them won’t work. Photography requires both traditional photography equipment as well as modern imaging technology. The combination of both gives a beautiful result. Different aspects of photography require different skills, and people who really love what they do and put their heart and soul into it, soar great heights, said by dissertation help expert. They’re offered full-time jobs with an excellent paycheck, that not only pays bills but also, satisfies creativity. Hard work really pays off.

What are the different types of career opportunities when it comes to photography?

There are approximately 5 main career opportunities when it comes to photography.

        Portrait photography:  This aspect includes wedding photography shoots to class photos. This part of photography focuses on capturing some of the best moments of life. A wedding is a one-time experience in a person’s life. Capturing some of the cherished moments is an art—something to feel nostalgic about after 10 years. Portrait photographers have a number of responsibilities, like making appointments, billing the clients, processing images and framing photos.

        Commercial photography:  As the name suggests, commercial photography is all about marketing their products and helping clients. They click pictures of buildings and skyscrapers and various merchandise and take them to company employees for media, such as advertisements, catalogues and websites. For company reports and records, they may document projects and equipment. This is one of the most lucrative careers in photography.

        Scientific photography:  This aspect of photography is quite tough and tenuous. Photographers have to document a variety of subjects to record a single experiment. They have a difficult job bringing life to images that are not even visible to the naked eye. For this, special imaging techniques are required, like, micrograph, underwater photography, infrared photography, etcetera. These type of photographers usually don’t have their own business holdings. They work for government agencies, universities, or research facilities.

        Photojournalism:  Photojournalism is all about documenting people and events for newspapers, magazines, and other publications. Photojournalists need to be wonderful storytellers, and some of the photojournalists portray their stories through pictures only, while others pair the photos up with a couple of words. Photojournalists either work for the staff of these agencies or as a freelancer. They cover national, or local stories and events, that includes sports, politics, and anything of national interest.

        Freelancing:  When a person is freelancing, he is his own boss. No angry bosses humming over your shoulder like a pest. Trying out new angles, doing whatever to make the photos look more amazing than before. Freelance photographers have career opportunities in any industry, from news to fashion to social events. It is the most challenging field of photography, and most people find it difficult to establish themselves in such a field, but once you’ve put your heart and soul into it, you’re on. Also, the dynamic nature of the aspect, keeps it interesting always, free from boredom.

Can photography be studied as a course, academically?

Yes, of course. There are photography schools and film schools. There is actually a course called Professional Photography. It is a 1-year course or a 2-year course depending upon the specialization. Studying in a photography school gives you a real-life experience of how things are done, actually. One gets to practice and work in studios and beautiful premises. They practice on gear, along with some professionals, so that they grasp what they learn and be good at what they do.

There are photography schools abroad too, comprising high-end infrastructure and equipment. Studying photography abroad is difficult if you don’t have enough money to spend. Although, scholarships are always available.

With a degree in photography, and a hands on training experience, the annual salary for a photographer is around $45,000.


Doing what you love, for a career can change your life. According to Thomas from GoAssignmentHelp, this has been life changing for him. He realised that photography has always been his first love since day 1, but he had been too busy finding himself in 9 to 5 jobs. He is finally doing what he loves.

Photography is an art, and art should always be encouraged, for its progress. If clicking pictures is what you love, you should do that. People will always talk, but it’s your only life. Don’t waste it.

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