Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Guide to Find Places of Power in White Orchard

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As we know, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt game has risen once again with the success of the latest series out on Netflix and is rocking on the entire cylinders. With old and new gamers joining the game, let’s revisit the best way to increase the level from the beginning of the game alongside the Places of Power in White Orchard. These places were built when the Conjunction of Spheres happened that also brought the creation of magic and several different creatures as well. They symbolize an area where supernatural things have been concentrated into a particular location.

Moreover, the white orchard has a total of six places of power, and each one signifies a magic sign that players obtain at the beginning of the game. Upon reaching every Place of Power, players can earn one ability that you can use to boost your stats in the character screen. Plus, ability points are extremely valuable when starting the game. They hold a significant value in how a player level up, timing on when you get your skills, and what playstyle focus you have for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Players will also earn a buff from every location and will make every location sign powerful for a short amount of time. Note: Be cautious when visiting these areas as there could be the opponent of various power level stalking them.

Source:- Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Guide to Find Places of Power in White Orchard

Locating such Place of Power is a bit tricky so here are some guidelines on

How to find and visit all six in White Orchard?

Place of Power: Igni

The first place of power is at the north of the Mill guidepost of the White Orchard Cemetery. It is 100 steps away from the signpost to the Igni place of power. From the guidepost, move to the right side until the mill is out of the frame and a passage is available to enter. Pursue the journey and the player will reach a cemetery with a tiny chapel. Right in front of the chapel, you will spot the Place of Power.

Place of Power: Aard

The Mill guidepost offers the second starting point in reaching to this location. Now, the passage where the mill is (going East North) is the way. Travel on this passage until a crossroad shows up with a tiny stone wall on the left going East North. Moving on, you will reach a small town eventually where some soldiers and two NPC have been hung. From this area, players will stumble on a creature’s nest, which also houses the Aard place of power.

Place of Power: Quen

The guidepost for the Broken Bridge provides the path that takes players right on top of this location. Once reached, take the passage from the bridge by jumping over it.  It will twist to the right and veer left and at the same time that left turn happens in the map, and the plants will open up into a clearing. Turn right instantly after the small clearing, travel a few steps, and the yellow shine of this Place of Power can be spotted.

Place of Power: Yrden

The fourth Place of Power, i.e., Yrden can be located by the beginning guidepost for the Abandoned village and moving into the town. Leave the town going North and pursue the stone wall until you see the wooden fences. Stay on the path until a statue lit up by some tiny candle with gifts in front of it shows up. After that, there is an opening while standing face to face in the right fence where it looks, although it has been broken down in pieces. Plus, it shows a rough passage that does not show on the map. Pursue the journey, and it will reward you with one more Place of Power.

Place of Power: Quen

Starting from the Cackle Bridge quick travel point, stand away from the bridge and head North along the way. With this, players will come up to a creature nest on the right of the passage that also houses the Place of Power.

Place of Power:  Axii

The trip to find the Axii Place of Power begins at the guidepost of the Sawmill. From there, head to the path going east with the wooden fence on your right as you start your journey. Along the way, players will run into a cart along with supplies on the right and a stone wall to the left. This is the moment when you have to leave the path and take a left at the stone wall. A small mountain is all that stands in the way between you and one last place of power.


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