Why You’re Not Good In League of Legends

by John Smith Learner

There is no perfect player in LOL, and the different characters one exhibits range widely. Some people optimize specific skills, while others play it smart and work on the long game. However, some people have very short tempers and go nuts within 10 seconds.

We’ve all contemplated why we suck at LOL at some point, trust us. However, no matter what type of player you are, you’re definitely lacking somewhere. Climbing the rank ladder is not as easy as some people make it look. Also, once you start climbing, your progression will slowly slow down as it’ll get increasingly harder to get into the next highest tier.

But there are also specific reasons why you might not be suitable in League of Legends. While this might not apply to everyone, below, we list 5 reasons why your gameplay might be suffering and ways to improve it.

Most Important Skills In League of Legends

You’ll find pervasive and various resources online that guide you into “How to get to Diamond Rank” or “Tips to improve your skills.” While we admit that most of the advice would work, it will only be valid on specific people.

As you might already know, players make videos and write stories based on their personal experiences. Hence, if your gameplay is similar to theirs, you have a solid chance if you follow in their footsteps. Otherwise, you might end up losing too much MMR trying different combos. If you want to know what is your MMR or looking for MMR checker, this site is worth checking out

However, the most critical skills in LOL are a mix of game knowledge through experience and mechanical skills. These include:

·       Attitude: you have to find your balance between being too confident, getting irrationally angry, and staying calm. Calm and steady wins the race here.

·       Kiting: creating as much distance between you and your enemy while still damaging them as much as possible. This is done mainly through diversions, speed movements, dashes, and right-click commands.

·       Map Reading: over time, you should develop the ability to look at the map in a split second and register it. When done right, this gives you an incredible advantage over others in the game.

·       Power Spikes: a power spike is a specific point throughout your progression in LOL. A champion of yours has powerful skills. Knowing how to leverage this fact against you will help you gain LP over time more efficiently.

3 Main Reasons You’re Not Good In LOL

No. 1: Having an Inconsistent Champion Pool

Out of all the champions in LOL, currently 159 and counting, it’s incredibly stressful when you have to settle on a few of them. That’s when most people make their first mistake, as they end up playing through different champions instead of deciding on a small number of them.

If you’re facing it, you can fix this problem by settling on 2 to 5 champions that you genuinely enjoy and feel comfortable playing with. Research each of the champions you have chosen, play each individually, and then take a solo queue. You can play through these champions until you feel that they’re not leveling up enough.

No. 2: Impatience

One of the most frequent mistakes we see throughout the game, and the most common, is players being impatient. If you queue a set of lost matches in a row, then you’re bound to lose a big chunk of MMR, which means you’ll lose LP more quickly and then lower your rank.

To avoid this, you simply need to know when to quit a game, even if you don’t want to just bail. Moreover, if you have already lost a few battles in a row, consider stepping away and taking a few minutes off. That’s if you’re on a winning streak and you want to keep going.

No. 3: Too Much Teamplay

If you’re investing too much time focusing on what your teammates are doing, then you’re probably doomed. That’s because emphasizing other people around you will always distract you from your own skills and capabilities. Hence, even if a teammate makes mistakes, focus on your own skillset.

You can counteract this mistake is to force yourself to focus on your gameplay and yours alone. Do not try to boss around others or judge what they’re doing. You should, of course, keep an eye on their movements, but don’t stress over them. The whole point here is to improve your own gameplay so you’re more substantial as time goes on.


Finally, things get much more manageable in LOL once you focus on your own power and skills. Hence, with the right attitude, practice, and focus, you’ll be able to scale up on the ladder in no time. However, you should remember that taking necessary breaks is absolutely important. That’s because you don’t want to spend excessive amounts of time sitting down, and you don’t want your gameplay to suffer either.

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