Why You Shouldn’t Buy An iPad

by Mose Nicky Positive Mind Blogger

We all have grown up learning some common lessons such as, “look both ways before crossing the street” or “if your friends are jumping from the cliff it is not important that you should follow”. At that time, those lessons meant nothing but some words, as we progress in practical life, we realize that those were the best life lessons. 

Apple launched the iPad which was in the tablet category and they dominated the whole tablet market. The main reason behind this invention was to make a blend of the phone and a laptop and to make work a lot easier. Apple is the king in the tablet industry and they don't look to relinquish the throne anytime in the near future. 

Apple is undisputed in the tech industry but with all the latest technology they introduce and all the new iPads they introduce, they still have their flaws. We mean you can't just change one thing in the latest iPad and charge 2400 extra for that. If you have an iPad and it breaks down, you can have it repaired by an iPad repair shop in Adelaide. Let's talk about the reasons why you shouldn’t buy an iPad. 

Check Other Options 

If you are not a die-hard Apple fan, it is important that you have a look at other available options in your budget. If you are buying a tablet for work purposes, you can compare the latest iPad to the latest Android tablet in order to fulfill your necessary needs. If you get the same specs in an android tablet as you were getting in an iPad, you should definitely opt for the android one because it will save you some extra bucks. It will be a stupid decision if you still choose the iPad just because it is an Apple product. 

Your Kid Doesn't Need $1000 iPad 


If you have kids and you are planning to spend a good amount of money on an iPad, it is important that you reconsider your decision. Your kids will not work on it and they will just use that for their entertainment purpose. For that, you have other great options and they have half the price of iPads. Plus, the repair cost of the iPad is relatively high. Teach your kids from the start that in the future, they will have a family to feed not a community to impress.

You Already Have An iPad 


If you already have an iPad, why do you want a new one? To impress friends?  To show off? If you want a change, you need to look for other alternatives also. If you are stuck on a same brand, you may fall behind the community at some point. Remember that you are not buying clothes from a brand which fits you perfectly, you are buying a tablet and you just need it to do the necessary work then why not save some money? 

Most Of The Time It Is Marketing Hype 

iPads are not bad and you should buy one if you can afford it, or if it is your necessity. But sometimes, the latest technology is just hype; for example, the retina display. You are not doing some scientific project so that you need perfect and sharp resolution; you just need to fulfill your needs and any other tablet can do that for you, and that too, by remaining in your budget.

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