Why you should use probiotic cleaning products in Australia?

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor
Given the choice between a cleaning product that eliminates them at 99.9% and one that will reduce them by 86%, which one would you choose? If you are like most Australian people, your answer would be simple-get rid of as many microorganisms as possible. But those cleaning products that kill 100% microorganisms are not necessarily the best choice. Why? It is so because these products will kill all microorganisms, which can be good as well as bad.

You may end up with products that remove the very bacteria that you need to maintain good health in your quest to eliminate harmful bacteria that cause a     host of health-related problems and issues.

Why antibacterial cleaning products are not always best choice?

Disinfectants work by effectively killing all the bacteria or other microorganism on the surface. A traditional antibacterial cleaning products has three main disadvantages over using probiotic cleaning products in Australia.

  • These products removes bacteria and other microorganism on the top surface layer only, which leaves live and possibly harmful microorganism a protective environment in the biofilm.
  • There is an increased and rapid bacterial growth on treated surfaces. 
  • The repeated use of antibacterial cleaning products can lead to the creation of drug resistant organisms also known as “superbugs”.

How probiotic cleaning works?

The food and drug administration defines probiotics as products that contains live microorganism that are found naturally in human. When administered in adequate amounts, these live microorganism give the host (or surface) a health benefit.  The way Probiotic Cleaning Products in Australia is quite simple. It keeps “bad” bacteria at bay by taking up the surface space they normally feed off. The bad bacteria go into an inactive state with nothing to eat.

The bad bacteria are unable to repopulate. Many studies conducted in Australia have demonstrated a significant reduction in microbial contamination with a stable effect over a period of time.

Benefits of using probiotic cleaning products

Probiotics consumes the food sources that any harmful bacteria thrive on. The cleaning done by using probiotics products reduce dust mites and the allergies. The regular use of probiotics cleaning products results in more environmental-friendly indoor space for you and your family living in Australia. Some of the useful benefits of using the probiotics cleaning products are briefly discussed below.

  • Safe for you and your family since these products are free from any chemical.  The products result in environmental friendly indoor space.
  • The process cleans down to the microscopic level by consuming the food on which the “bad” bacteria thrive on. It also removes bad odour significantly by effectively eliminating the bacteria that cause foul odour.  
  • It is ecologically beneficial and safe for humans, animals, birds, and any other forms of life.

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