Why You Should Use Olive Oil for Cooking

by Luessi Dino I am a Writer
If food provides energy, it provides certain notorious elements too, if the ingredients are not chosen correctly. Oil is one of the most common cooking mediums around and is used abundantly all across the world. Because of the flavor and taste that it imparts to the food, it is used rampantly without bothering about the health issues caused by it. The biggest harm done by oil is build-up of cholesterol in arteries, which is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, the research is on to find cholesterol free oil that can help keep heart safe without interfering with the taste of the food. Olive oil has risen to fame recently because of its heart-friendly constituents. It offers a great cooking medium because:

  • It does not contain harmful fatty acids in larger amount: In fact, about 73% of configuration of olive oil is composed of oleic acid which is a monounsaturated fatty acid. This fatty acid is found to be effective in fighting cholesterol build-up. Secondly, it is anti to oxidative stress which is the main cause of infection in a body. Due to such ingredients, it is called as low fat cooking oil because the bad fats are not present in harmful amounts in this oil.
  • It is rich in Vitamin E: Not only the health of the heart, but the health of skin and nails is improved when you use the best olive oil for maintaining your beauty. This oil can be consumed both externally as well as internally. The external application of olive oil is normally done on skin and nails to impart them considerable strength. The skin and nails need vitamin E to stay healthy and strong. That is why; the use of olive oil as a massage oil is recommended.
  • It is rich in Anti-oxidants: Various chronic diseases and certain nervous system ailments like Alzheimer’s disease can be avoided if you start using olive oil early in life. We all have seen the effects of ageing in people around us; so why should not prepare for the old age in advance? Olive oil use is the best way to prepare. It prevents premature graying of hair, undue hair fall and brittle hair. It also delays aging of skin. When used in food, the olive oil prevents oxidative stress and regulates flow of blood to the brain. Since the olive oil is providing all the ingredients essential for healthy heart, brain and skin, and prevents various infections, it is certainly a good choice for avoiding ageing.
  • Prevention of various Diseases: Olive oil is rich in anti-oxidants. The presence of anti-oxidants has made it effective in preventing breast cancer kind of diseases. The people suffering from blood sugar have also reported considerable decrease in their diabetic condition. Thus, the chronic diseases like diabetes and terminal ones like cancer can be prevented with the use of best olive oil in India.

Pack more health in your food with the use of olive oil. This oil is light, rich in anti-oxidants and has ability to make the body stronger against infections.

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