Why you should need a mattress protector?

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A mattress protector is the most essential accessory for your mattress. There are many people who actually do not know what a mattress protector does where many of them perceive that they are for those who pee in bed. But a mattress protector does much more than that.  It is known to majorly accomplish four things like:

1. It keeps the mattress neat and tidy: Human bodies perspire at night where our skin produces oil. Some of us might wear makeup where we also shed dead skin cells. It is because of these and other activities that we produce “wet spot” on the bed. All of these might soak into your sheets and further into the mattress. If the little amount of it gets into your mattress, it can be impossible to get it out. This is where the mattress protectors come in where it can prevent any things from getting into your mattress. All in all, it can also be taken off and washed.

2.    Prevents dust mite allergies: Dust mite allergies are opined to be very common and it can lead to many issues like runny nose, sneezing, shortness of breath and wheezing. These dust mites eat the dead skin cells and there can be dead skin cells on your mattresses if you do not use the protectors.

3. Keeps your mattress in new condition for a longer time: Perspiration is known to wear down the foams in the mattress which can hassle up the comfort of your life. It has a similar effect to a kitchen sponge after it has been used too many times. Even if a small amount of moisture gets in through, it can add up after it is being used every night. This might imply that you might have to replace your mattress quickly. A mattress protector can actually help you retain your mattress for a longer time.

4. Helps you retain the warranty: A stain is known to void the warranty.  Even if the stain does not have to do anything with the warranty issue, it can still make your warranty void. It is for this reason that you should definitely have a mattress protector.

It is for these above reasons that everybody should add in a mattress protector.

However, you should note that a mattress protector is different from a mattress pad. A mattress pad adds in a level of padding to your mattress and is not considered to be waterproof. The mattress protectors, on the other hand, are thin and do not change the feel of the mattress and are also waterproof. If you buy the right mattress protector, you will definitely not need any extra padding on the mattress, since you will use thin and waterproof padding which is far more beneficial.

Apart from mattress pads, there are mattress toppers which are even thicker. If you are using the foam topper, it is suggested that mattress protector should be over the topper since it can cover both the topper and the mattress.

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