Why You Should Hire a US Specialized Expat Tax Preparer


If you are filing your US taxes while staying in the US, you might not appreciate the value of an expat tax preparer. However, you will seek these professionals after encountering the complex filing process for expat returns. The complex exclusions, exchange rates, deductions, and tax dates make filing US expat taxes more complicated than the standard US taxes. Here are the reasons for hiring a tax specialist to handle your expat taxes.

You Must File US Taxes

Irrespective of where you live, the currency of your income, where you earned your income, or the taxes paid to other countries, the IRS expects you to file your US taxes. That is mandatory for citizens whose income surpasses the minimum thresholds. If you are in a country that doesn’t have a treaty tax return with the US, you will pay taxes twice. Americans living in Canada aren’t subjected to this issue as the double taxation treaty hinders them from being double taxed.

Reasonably Priced Tax Preparation Service

Many people don’t hire tax experts because they believe tax preparation is costly. That is not true, considering the many benefits of hiring these professionals. Remember, any tax filing error will attract a hefty fine or a jail term. Such consequences are higher compared to the cost of hiring a reliable tax preparer. Fortunately, you can find reasonably priced tax preparation services. 

Tax Law is Boring

The US tax laws are subject to change annually. Some changes are significant, yet you must comply with them. Overlooking any change will result in a time-consuming and costly ordeal to correct them. Unless you are a tax expert, keeping up with the changing expat and cross border tax laws is challenging. Eventually, you will be bored by the terminologies, which make it difficult to understand the law. Hiring tax preparers will prevent you from this boredom.

You Don’t Have Time

If you are serious about filing your expat taxes, you must allocate sufficient time to learn the new tax laws every season. A successful filing process must abide by the set tax regulations. You will need many hours in a day to accomplish this task, yet you won’t have the guarantee of doing it correctly. However, it will distract you from your primary duties. If you lack time to file your expat tax returns, consider hiring a professional.

The IRS is Serious

According to the IRS, almost $100 billionis lost annually via tax abuse. To curb this problem, it continually dispatches agents to track the people avoiding the US tax return for foreigners and US expat taxes overseas. Anyone guilty of not filing taxes will be penalized, and their underpayment will attract interest. That will increase the tax burden for forfeiters. Hire a reliable tax preparer to avoid being on the IRS’s radar. 

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