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Introduction of Volvo company

Volvo company is Sweden's largest industrial enterprises with a history of 120 years, and it is one of the world's oldest engine manufacturers.So far its engine production has reached more than 1 million sets, and they have been widely applied in power section of automobile, engineering machinery and ships. They are even the ideal for power gensets. 

VOLVO company, at the same time, is the only manufacturer in the world to focus on inline four-cylinder and six-cylinder diesel engines, and it is in a leading position on this technology. VOLVO generator series are imported with original packaging, with a full set of certificate of origin, certificate of approval, inspection certificate, customs declaration certificate, etc. As VOLVO’s OEM partner, our company has provided hundreds of high-performance gensets for domestic users.

Volvo Generator Advantages


Volvo generator engines adopt full electronic fuel injection control technology, with high performance and high reliability. They have the merits of good startup performance, voltage stability, reliable operation, low emissions, low noise, convenient maintenance, good efficiency and good ability to adapt the plateau. Starlight Volvo series diesel gensets officially authorized products of the Volvo company. With better performance, better quality and more guaranteed services compared with similar products, they are products recommended by the Starlight Volvo Genset Department.


Characteristics of Volvo Diesel Engines

1. High ability to withstand the load and fast, reliable cold start performance, low resistance supercharger and responsive injection system lead to a high resistance to load of the engine in a very short recovering time;

2. The heater is installed in the intake manifold, making it easier for the engine to start at a low temperature.

3. Stable working, low noise, optimized design of damping body, accurate matching of turbocharger and low-speed cooling fan. Less emissions, low operating cost, typical exhaust smoke less than 1 Bosch units.

4. Low fuel consumption

5. Small and exquisite: delicate and exquisite appearance design compared with other products.

6. Real international applicable parts with global recognition and global service network. Sweden Volvo have set up large center for maintenance, training and spare parts distribution in China.

Features of Volvo Diesel Generator Sets

1. Power range: 68KW—550KW

2. Strong ability to withstand load

3. Smooth operation and low noise of Engine

4. Fast and reliable coldstart performance

5. Delicate and exquisite appearance design

6. Small fuel consumption, low operating cost

7. Less emissions, economic and environmental protection

8. Service network all over the world, plenty of spare parts supply


Volvo Generator Supply Standard Configuration


1. Warranty card of original factory for Diesel engine (with all accessories, three-filters, electrical system),

2. Manual of brushless AC generator

3. Steel structure base Engine operation manual

4. Fan radiator cooling system Generator operation manual

5. Flange connecting shaft Test report of sets

6, 24V start motor and charging motor Diesel gensets

7. Air filter, diesel filter, oil filter Product certificate

8. Airborne type control panel

9. MCCB air protection switches

10. 24v start-up battery and battery line

11. Shock absorber of sets

12. Efficient industrial muffler

13. Random technical documents


3. Cooling and ventilation system of Volvo gensets

1) Standard Volvo diesel gensets use the closed cooling water cycle system

2) Due to chamber conditions, we may adopt fission type cooling system or heat exchanger system

3) Air inlet and outlet should be in reasonable layout, avoiding heating reflux

4) Air inlet and outlet should be meet the minimum clearance requirements.


4. Fuel supply system of Volvo gensets

1) GF series Volvo diesel gensets need to be equipped with daily tank additionally

2) The height difference between the tank and the unit meets the requirements

3) The oil taking and returning pipe should meet the size requirement

4) The oil supply system is installed in line with the fire code

5) When the fuel is in poor quality, the installation of a oil-water separator is recommended


5. Exhaust system of Volvo diesel gensets

1) Volvo diesel gensets are equipped with an industrial muffler according to the standard

2) The exhaust system should reduce the quantity of elbow and shorten the total length of the exhaust pipe as far as possible

3) When the length and the quantity of elbow is beyond standard, we should make an appropriate increase in the exhaust pipe diameter

4) The bellows shall be installed between the exhaust pipes and the sets for the purpose of isolation


6. Cable connection of Volvo gensets

1) The air switch for Volvo diesel genset under 500KW adopt molded case air switch, which is hung on the right side of the generator (looking from the generator side)

2) The air switch for Volvo diesel genset above 500KW adopt frame type air switch and console cabinet, and it is installed in the chamber

3) Soft connection is recommended in the cable connection

4) Recommended to lay the cables in the cable trough, and make permeability and leakage prevention treatment

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