Why Video Game Development is an Ideal Startup Solution?

by Max Anderson Digital Marketer

In contrast to many other economic sectors which are drastically influenced by pandemics, the video game industry is generally more resilient with a pandemic. Most of the developers and video publishers can maintain operations with employees who work from home to maintain the development of games and digital releases, although because orders staying at home remain, some productivity problems have emerged. The developer is still working to maintain their game, including post-launch content. Some have taken sophisticated steps to ensure their team will be able to operate from remote locations.

video game development

If you want to launch a video game, this is a very good time. If you follow this direction, you can save 40% or more compared to the cost of developing in-house, if you work with our professional team.

Video Games - The method releases stress during a pandemic

Millions of people are looking for social friendly activities to stay entertained during the house quarantine. Video games can promote mental health by connecting people in the distance, providing people where people feel the sense of own, and help people recover from stress and anxiety.

In addition, playing video games can improve mental health during a pandemic. Regan Mandryk, a computer scientist Universities Saskatchewan said: "We have no control over what happens in the world today, and it causes stressful people. At present, because people are social isolated, they turn to the game to manage their own needs Will social contact. It's about taking control of our own welfare. "

Video game industry is growing


Nearly 70% of Americans play several types of video games every day.

And, with direct streaming growth, cellular gaming, AR, and VR, this number can be greater.

While Twitch.TV, a leading live-streaming platform, accommodating millions of users who feed video games themselves, many smartphone users also find themselves utilizing several cellular games per day.

At present, there seems to be a video game or game platform for everyone. And because many games and system systems start using technology that appears, marketers getting aggressive.

How Covid-19 Lockdowns has increased the income of video game companies

In general, video game sales have increased as a result of orders to stay at home and lock from a pandemic, when people turn to video games as a hobby.

With many people globally at home and cannot work, online games have seen records the number of players during a pandemic as a popular activity to fight social distance, so that income for many gaming and platform companies has increased during a pandemic.

This pandemic accelerates the trend in the game industry. For example, steam, main digital windows for personal computer games see more than 23 million players together during March 2020, exceed all previous records, while streaming services, twitches see more than three billion hours of content supervised in the first quarter 2020, an increase of 20% of Previous year. Microsoft reported a substantial increase in Xbox Game Pass service users in March and April 2020 took it to more than 10 million customers.

The use of video games during rush hour is up 75% because residents are encouraged to participate in social distance and self isolation, according to a new Verizon report released on March 17, which analyzes data on data usage. That is compared with an increase of 20 percent in web traffic and a 12 percent increase in video use.

Data from Comcast shows how new game downloads increase 80%, compared to the 'only' 50% increase in total gaming downloads.

There is also a negative impact on the industry, especially with large trade canceled or postponed which might have an impact on the relationship between smaller developers and publishers. But this has been balanced by the advantages and benefits mentioned above.

Long-term trends, outside pandemic

Greater interest in gaming can accelerate shifts - has been going on - towards gaming shipments through mobile platforms and cloud-based. Industries clearly now see potential in this distribution model. For example, Cloud Gaming allows consumers to play streaming games throughout the device, often without the need for expensive hardware.

The second long-term trend is widening the monetization avenue through a subscription and free-play model. Subscriptions provide a reliable path for monetization for smaller and quality games. Meanwhile, free playing games allow developers to make money without the need to convince consumers to make purchases in advance. Instead, they offer upsell opportunities in games such as improvement and expansion packages.

To take advantage of this trend, our Ncrypted team can help you develop video games that give your game the experience they are looking for.



Pandemics have reminded video game companies and brands that remain a market that can be addressed from consumers who are very involved. Covid-19 is an example of how "crises" can change into opportunities and how it can encourage you to develop and innovation.

Because all people's activities have moved to their own homes and they dedicate more time to video games, wise to offer what they are looking for: relaxation methods through video games.

From the creation of the game concept for post-release support, our Ncrypted team applies extensive knowledge and knowledge to develop addictive and fun games to play. NCRypted is a world-class software solution company that focuses on animation. Animation, motion graphics, game art design, AR and VR, will significantly change the way we consume information.


They offer services from 2D illustrations for UI / UX games and 2D animations as a premier video game development company.

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