Why to consider site factors before constructing an effluent treatment plant?

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Talking regarding the effluent treatment plant we can say that there are many factors that everyone is advised to consider before getting started with the use or with the process of installation or with the procedure of construction of an effluent treatment plant.

Just to start the topic given here with its basics, so that it further becomes easy for the people to understand here, we will shortly discuss all the various factors that one should consider before putting an effluent treatment plant working into its full swing. But as per the specific demand of the given topic, we will be focusing in detail on the reasons for the consideration of the site factors before starting the construction of the effluent treatment plant in India.

Some of the essential basic factors that one need to consider while starting the planning of an effluent treatment plant are all listed below:

·         The national and the international standards that one needs to comply with.

·         The amount or the volume of the effluent that has to be treated.

·         The chemical composition of the effluent has to be treated.

·         If there are any plans for getting production increased.

·         If the production would increase the level of effluent that would demand treatment.

·         The amount of money that one can invest in the construction of the effluent treatment plant.

·         Land availability or the land purchasing power for the construction of an effluent treatment plant.

·         The experts and designers to be hired for the process of setup or we can say construction of the effluent treatment plant.

·         Also the type of plant that will exactly suit the environment.

·         The staff that is there for the proper management of an effluent treatment plant.

But other than this long list of factors, there is one more factor that one would need to consider while planning the construction of an effluent treatment plant and that is the factors related to the site where the plant has to be installed. So, here we will see the need for consideration of the site-related factors before the start of the construction of the effluent treatment plant.

There is no one there are multiple reasons for one to consider site-related factors, before the start of the construction of the effluent treatment plant.

The first and foremost reason for it comes out to be the issue of land availability, over time with the rapidly increasing population the land availability has become a major issue. So, this is one site related factor that should be kept in mind and perhaps the importance of it is now clear for the people.

Other site related important factors include depth of the rocky layer existence along with that it is also very much necessary to have an idea of the other topographical features that are associated with the soil on site. The depth of the rocky layer is important so that the sewage network can be laid easily at an appropriate distance.

One more thing to consider as an onsite factor is that the wastewater may not face any sort of difficulty as it tries to make a passage to the place of treatment.

If the effluent treatment plant has to be installed at a sloppy terrain then in that case just the slope needs to be favorable. Also, one would have to consider the thickness of the soil or the amount of the sand or the clay this is important just for the sake of measuring the load handling capacity of the soil. Climate would also play an important role in the onsite related factors if in case there would be evaporation involved in the whole process of treatment.    

So, this is all related to the factors associated with the site at which an effluent treatment plant will be put to work. Considering these factors is important in order to ensure the efficient working of the plant. The maintenance of the efficiency of the effluent treatment plant is important and at the same time, it is not very easy to be done. But, if one would be careful then it would not be that much difficult either. It is just about keeping a few factors in mind while planning the use of such plants and machines.


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