Major technologies included in Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

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The major challenge of the processing industries is Industrial wastewater. Even, there are some processing projects that haven’t been realized because of expensive or complexity related to their industrial wastewater treatment. While operators might have installed industrial wastewater treatment systems so that they can fulfill the demands of local rules and regulations when designed, they required costly upgraded programs to fulfill the new limits and regulations which are challenging and introduced further.

There are two major Effluent Treatment Plant Technologies which are mentioned below in detail to make you easy to understand. These two technologies include Bio-treatment and Advanced Oxidation. We will discuss both of this one by one in detail.

Bio-treatment technology for wastewater treatment processing plants

Biological procedures handle organic impurities mainly and Microbial-based technologies have been used over the last century for industrial wastewater treatment. These technologies development has provided successful procedures for the waste constituents’ damage readily biodegradable under aerobic conditions.

Aerobic degradation in oxygen presence can be a quite simple, reasonable, and environmentally friendly way to degrade wastes. Some critical factors in the premium degradation of the chosen substrate include temperature, pH, moisture, nutrients, and aeration rate which the bacterial culture is exposed to with the aeration and temperature as two of the major parameters which decide the degradation rates by the micro-organism.

The soluble organic biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) sources can be removed by any feasible microbial procedure, aerobic, anoxic, or anaerobic. Although aerobic procedures are commonly used as the BOD principle means lessening of wastewater due to the fast reactions of aerobic microbial that typically 10 times faster than anaerobic microbial reactions. Hence, these reactors can be designed small and atmosphere compatible, the flexibility the most reasonable BOD reduction means.

The main reason for successful bio-treatment technology of some industrial wastewater is to change or to optimize the substrate and cell contact time so that the biodegradation can be continued in an expensive and appropriate time and possible toxicity of the bacteria from wastewater and micro-flora is reduced.

Advanced Oxidation Wastewater Treatment Processes

Oxidation means a procedure in which electrons are adapted from one substance to another, leading to a possible expressed in volts referred to as regularized hydrogen electrode. From this, it has become easy to obtain different compounds from oxidation potentials. Chemical oxidation is a solution that fulfills the treated wastewater legislation. This is basically used after a secondary treatment for the non-biodegradable compounds damage.

A reference parameter in using chemical oxidation as a procedure of treatment is the chemical oxygen demand. Commonly, wastewater with small chemical oxygen demand contents can be ideally treated by these procedures because these contents require the consumption of an excessive amount of costly reactants.

Aerobic Oxidation Processes are almost similar to the ambient temperature and pressure wastewater treatment procedures. These processes include the highly reactive radicals’ generation in ample quantity for wastewater purification. These procedures are the proven methods for the contaminated ground treatment, wastewater, and surface water that contain bio-degradable organic pollutants. Hydroxyl radicals are reactive species that actually attack most of the organic molecules.

Aerobic Oxidation Processes are quite effective while changing rather refractory compounds into intermediates agreeable to biological oxidation through re-circulation to the biological unit inlet or even better and entirely mineralizing these compounds when it gets applied in the biological treatment outlet facility just like a final polishing step.

These are the two major technologies included in Effluent Treatment Plant in India. You can avail this treatment plant in different technical specifications to meet the clients’ diverse demands without expending too much.


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