Why study English?

by Joaquin Velazquez Marketing
English has become the universal language, with English being the most widely spoken language in the world. For this reason thousands of people decide to study English as a second language because having a good knowledge and understanding of English will only bring you advantages on a personal and professional level.

The two best known dialects of English are American and British, the latter also called "Oxford English" because it is the English taught at Oxford University. These two variations of English are increasingly expanding, as they are the ones taught as a foreign language halfway around the world and are supported by the outreach provided by the English-speaking media.

The reasons for studying English are many and varied. Here we want to offer you the most important ones, apart from some information about the language, and a list with practical advice with which you can learn English in a much faster and more effective way.

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1. Why study English: to work

Perhaps the fundamental reason why studying English is so important is because English is fundamental when it comes to finding a job. English will give us access to a better education and therefore the possibility of a better job. Our job opportunities will multiply as soon as we master the language. Whether in government areas or in multinational companies, no matter what your field of work, English will always give you an advantage when it comes to promotion or access to another job, helping you to improve your current work situation.

2. Why study English: education and information

Another important reason to learn English is that we will be able to access a better education, without being limited to universities or training centers in our own country. It will also give us access to more current and complete information, we will know the latest advances and we will be able to access the majority of scientific, academic and technological texts, written in English. According to a study, more than 56% of Internet sites are published in English. In second place is German with 8%.

3. Why study English: vacations

Studying English is the best excuse for a great vacation. A language trip abroad is the best way to learn English, get to know a new culture and interesting people, visit incredible places and generally enjoy an unforgettable vacation. What are you waiting for? Sprachcaffe offers you the opportunity to take English courses abroad in incredible destinations such as Malta, England, Australia, the United States and Canada. You can also prepare yourself before your trip or start an online English course with which you can learn English in a flexible way.

4. Why Study English: Other Cultures

Studying English is important because it will show you other cultures, lifestyles and different ways of thinking. You will be able to meet new and interesting people and understand their customs. It will give you the opportunity to see yourself in a different light, and perhaps discover aspects of yourself or your culture that you may not have thought of before.

5. Why Study English: Travel

Speaking English will allow you to travel around the world and make yourself understood. You will be able to enjoy your trip fully as English is spoken on all five continents, and you will avoid stressful situations caused by the language barrier. Besides being the lingua franca in almost all the planet, English is the official language of many countries like England, Ireland, United States, Canada, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, as well as some countries of the Caribbean, Asia and Africa. Imagine all the possibilities!

6. Why Study English: The Most Learned Language

Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language worldwide by number of native speakers, behind Chinese and above English? So why study English if I already know Spanish? English is the most learned language as a second language. While the number of native speakers of English is between 300 and 400 million, the number of people who learn it as a second language is the same, surpassing all other languages. Furthermore, knowing English will help us to better understand our culture and our language, since there are many Anglicisms that populate our daily lives.

7. Why study English: self-improvement

Learning English is easier than you think, and the pride you will feel when you do is indescribable. Remember that you make your way by walking, and once you have passed the first step (deciding that you want to learn English), the rest follows. As your knowledge and vocabulary increases, and you feel that you understand better, your confidence will also increase. You will lose all your fears and you will be able to speak in English without thinking about it, so get over yourself by learning English!

8. Why learn English: art and literature

Knowing English you can enjoy British humor, Anglo-Saxon literature, film and theater, and culture in English in general. With English you will be able to better appreciate word games, jokes, metaphors and all the nuances that are lost in translations. You will be able to watch movies in their original version, understand the lyrics of English songs or appreciate the stories and entanglements of your favorite video games. When your level is higher, you can even dare to play Shakespeare. Do you accept the challenge?

9. Why study English: other skills

Knowing English means being able to express yourself fluently and smoothly, exposing our ideas with order and clarity before a native audience. Because it also means understanding and assimilating the ideas and answers provided by other people, the radio, the television, as well as the texts we read. According to scientific research, studying English or learning a language in general produces certain stimuli in the brain that help us improve our skills in other areas such as creativity, problem solving, reasoning or mental ability. If demonstrating your language skills takes a toll on you, learn English and eliminate this problem. Because studying English will save you from having to exaggerate on your resume and the embarrassment of having to admit your great weakness, that you don't know the language that everyone takes for granted.

10. Why study English: because it is the universal language

English is the language of international communication, trade and finance. English is a lingua franca in many corners of the world and the official language of many international organizations such as the European Union, the United Nations and UNESCO. This is due to historical and political reasons, because of the importance that the British Empire had in the past, when it extended its language to all continents, and the importance as a current power of the United States. For all these reasons we can say that it is the universal language, the one that will help you communicate without barriers. Thanks to new technologies, learning English is increasingly accessible to everyone so learning English is within your reach. We offer you the best methods to learn English and thousands of language trips abroad.

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