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Everyone wants to live and work in a spotless environment, but cleaning isn't everyone's cup of tea. Because of this, many of us look for advice on how to complete the activity more quickly and effectively. 

Unfortunately, it's very likely that you've come across cleaning methods that are more urban myths. Even while they appear to be effective on paper, they often are ineffective or, worse, can cause more harm than benefit according to Cleaning Services In Vaughan.

Here are some of these purported cleaning methods you should stay away from:

Utilising excessive product 

Some individuals believe that utilising additional cleaning supplies, such as soap, detergent, or bleach, will increase their efficacy.


  • However, this reasoning is flawed and, if discovered, would definitely cause your dependable professional cleaners to break down in tears. 

  • It is more challenging to wash off a product when you apply too much of it. This wastes energy and water in addition to the product itself. 

  • Additionally, you might find that you don't rinse well enough. In the long run, this causes dullness and fading colours because it leaves a residue on things and surfaces that traps dirt.

Follow the directions on the product labels and take the suggested dosage for the best results. In actuality, you can often get by with a little less. Only if you are in a region with a lot of minerals in the water supply will you need to use extra cleaning supplies, notably soap and detergent. 

Microwave a Dish Sponge 

Due to its constant dampness, your dish sponge may serve as an uncomfortable breeding ground for bacteria.

  • The idea of spreading germs on your dining and cooking equipment is undoubtedly unpleasant, which is perhaps why some people continue to microwave dish sponges.

  • The best course of action is to simply avoid using your dish sponge for other things. After using, be sure to sanitise it, and change it about once a week referred by Cleaning Services In Vaughan 

Silver is scrubbed with toothpaste 

You have probably heard of the toothpaste cleaning method if you own silverware or silver jewellery. Specifically, polishing silver with toothpaste to restore its lustre. 

  • The truth is, this approach is effective! You might not be aware of it, but toothpaste actually has a fair amount of abrasiveness. The teeth of people can use this just fine. pertaining to fine silver? Not really. Of course, one or two incidents won't immediately result in harm that cannot be repaired. 

  • That being stated, it's advisable to avoid using toothpaste on your most valuable jewellery and to only sometimes use it on your precious metal.

Vinegar Is Good For Everything Cleaning 

Vinegar's acidic nature makes it a great natural cleanser for a range of surfaces, including oily stove tops and odorous microwaves. Even blocked drains can be momentarily cleared out with it. 

  • The acidity that makes vinegar a potent cleanser, however, also makes it dangerous for surfaces like wood, marble, and granite. Keep vinegar away from your cast iron pans as it is bad for anything iron suggested by Cleaning Services In Vaughan.

Blasting Off Rust 

Like vinegar, bleach has a variety of cleaning and disinfecting applications. The sole use it is inadequate for? Rust. This is due to the oxidising characteristics of bleach. However, there is one instance where vinegar's acidity can be useful.

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