Why Should You Quit Smoking?

by John W. Health Consultant & Adviser

The addiction and its consequences:

Smoking is the method of inhaling aerosolized substances in order to introduce them into your bloodstream. These substances include tobacco, marijuana, and opium. Tobacco is, however, the most commonly smoked substance all over the world. The active substance in tobacco leaves is nicotine. To extract the nicotine, tobacco leaves are rolled into rice paper and smoked. When this smoke enters the lungs, it is readily absorbed in the blood. Our bodies respond to this addition quite quickly. The brain releases dopamine and a small adrenaline rush. These chemicals quickly make you feel pleasant and mask other unpleasantries for a while.

As is the trait of other mood-altering substances, smokers quickly get tied down in the reward-withdrawal cycle. Subsequently, as the body adapts to nicotine, they need more and more nicotine to feel the same level of pleasure. In an ideal world, nicotine wouldn’t have any harmful effects, there would be no wars, and money would grow on trees. Sadly, this isn’t that world. Nicotine is one of the leading causes of cancer. It strives to be an all-rounder and promotes other diseases as well. Consequences of smoking:

Low pulse

Low blood pressure

Cancers (mouth, throat, larynx, esophagus, liver, stomach, pancreas, kidney, cervix, bowel, bladder)

Cerebrovascular disease

Peripheral vascular disease


Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Coronary heart disease

Heart attack




Premature birth

A low birth weight baby

How to quit smoking?

The good thing is, the effects of smoking on our body are mostly reversible; except for diseases. Once you quit smoking, your breath freshens, lung capacity increases, immunity improves, and your tasting and smelling senses become better. If you are reading this article, then most probably you have tried quitting smoking before. And thus, you are aware of the difficulties in getting out of the death-hug of nicotine. It takes a strong resolve, sacrifices, and discipline to fight it. But believe me, molding yourself in this regime and getting to the other side is worth it.

·  Be strong and get ready: Understand your patterns. Find out the triggers. Let your friends and family know about your intention to quit smoking.

·    Set a date: On that day, get rid of all the things related to smoking. Change your routine. Introduce healthy habits into your routine.

·   Deal with cravings: Cravings last only for a few minutes. However, these few minutes can be daunting. You need to remind yourself why you must quit smoking. Distract yourself with some activity. When the craving passes, reward yourself

·    Don’t lose confidence if you relapse: Persistence is the name of the game. You hit a rock with your toe, just don’t take a tumble. Understand what caused you to relapse and manage that cause. See your progress up to that point and appreciate your efforts. Learn from that experience.


Smoking is justified for many reasons. Some smoke because it makes them look sophisticated. Others smoke to mask the pain and suffering. And some just want that sweet, sweet dopamine. In today’s world, we are far too eager to close our eyes to reality. We need an escape from whatever is real. People no longer want to be in control of their minds. But at what cost? Does the escape from reality justifies slavery to mind-altering substances? Are a few moments of delight worthy of the price you pay? Open your eyes and take back the control! Break the shackles and breathe free!

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